Monday, January 31, 2011

New Vivian Girls: I Heard You Say

MP3: Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say

WOW: this song is really good! I really enjoyed the budding talent on the Vivian Girls' first lp, thought their second one was not very good and man, this new one could be amazing. Seriously, welcome back girls. Thanks for having great side projects that strengthened your full time band!

"I Heard You Say" is the lead single from the upcoming "Share the Joy", in stores April 12th from the killing it so often they should be in jail Polyvinyl Records. This song also gets it's own single with an exclusive b-side from the albums' sessions.

Order the album here, and the single here. I'd get the combo myself.

The Best Song Ever: The Shoplifter's Union

MP3: The Fine Arts Showcase - The Shoplifter's Union

When I first met FY!GT! writer Matthew Giordano, he mailed me 3 cd-rs to my address in Portland. They were all native of Sweden and I was at once schooled in this wonderful music coming from out of there. Dude is an expert, believe me. Anyway, the Fine Arts Showcase's "Radiola" was one of those albums and "The Shoplifter's Union" is flawless.

I'm seeing MJG this weekend for the first time in years so I'm going to be posting songs that remind me of him off and on this week, because he's my homie.

New beatings.

Another certified mover and shaker of a hit: "New Beat" is another track from the I-can't-believe-it-still-hasn't-leaked-yet Toro y Moi lp "Underneath the Pine". Dig it.

Takin' a drip, windows down.

MP3: Real Estate - Blue Lebaron

There aren't many bands that are worth getting jazzed over their instrumental demo because typically who gives a shit, right? It's like finish your song already, you know? But Real Estate do things 45% better than any other band, make it look effortless and sound fuckin' pristine. The dudes were cool enough to blog this track into the internet. Thanks. I really like it, Real Estate, and I just wanted you to know that.

New Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

MP3: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes are that band that everyone (hipsters, snobs, parents, blue collar joes) likes and it's great that we all do: the band writes great music. While their debut s/t album is still somehow quite fresh, they finished their 2nd one and it's coming out May 3rd from Sub Pop.

The record is called "Helplessness Blues", the art is above and you can download the super good title track right now, right here. Enjoy, Monday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

David Bowie Fridays: Joe the Lion

MP3: David Bowie - Joe the Lion


Melting sleeze.

Mind Spiders are a killer band from Texas who write radical rock and roll with a hint of pop - the kind of pop that's been dropped on the floor and is now covered in dog hair and sticky shit. I like dog hair, it builds character.

Their self titled LP is out now on the always fantastic Dirtnap.

Cassual Friday

Always meant to check out Cass McCombs, but I never did. Just streamed "County Line" from his upcoming album "WIT'S END" and it was nice. I don't have a boner or anything, but it was pleasant. The album is out April 12th from Domino.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Loney Dear: Blues

(photo by Deb Caponera)

The day has been slow with music excitement, but then everything BLEW THE FUCK UP: new Loney Dear!!

"Blues" is featured on a compilation called "Love Sic Disco", and it was compiled to celebrate 100 releases from the label Something in Construction. It can be downloaded for free right here from the Guardian....

...But don't bother: it's total shit, except for "Blues", which you can download in this post! Fuck yeah, we've got you covered!

The song itself is layered with plenty of Swedish goodness, fully realized and just damn perfect sounding. This new gem will appear on Loney Dear's follow up to "Dear John" and it's coming later this year from Polyvinyl.

Video: Fever Dreaming

I don't know guys... save for the charming clip for "Goat Hurt" and the explosive bliss that was "Eraser", No Age have had some of the worst videos that an awesome band could ever hope to have.

This new clip, for "Fever Dreaming", is no exception: conceptually, the idea works but man the execution tanked. It's a shame considering it was directed by Patrick Daughters who (even with turds) usually knocks it out of the the park. People are jazzed about the end so uh.... watch out for it? Try not to get bored first?

Video: I Follow Rivers

To say I'm excited for the new Lykke Li LP is an understatement. Girl is dope! Info:

"I Follow Rivers" video is directed by Tarik Saleh, starring Lykke Li and Swedish Lebanese actor Fares Fares.

Following the footsteps of Andrei Tarkovsky's "The Sacrifice"
it is shot on the magic island of Gotland, Närsholmen to be specific.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pwer Msters

Thanks to the good folks at Desert Island in Brooklyn I picked up the new LP from Daily Life, who features CF, author of the highly acclaimed (and highly recommended) Powr Mastrs series out via Picturebox. It's kind of goth and sounds like Cabaret Voltaire, but then again I guess that's only appropriate when one is singing of both arousal and dreams. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


MP3: Hunx and His Punx - Lovers Lane

And now what we've all been waiting for: Gorilla vs Bear premiered the first song from Hunx and His Punx's long, long awaited debut LP "Too Young To Be In Love". Titled "Lovers Lane", it's the opening song and AMAZING! The Punkettes really shine on it, download ASAP!

Too Young To Be In Love doesn't come out until March 29th, which is fuckin' cruel. C'mon, Hardly Art!


Space, mother fuckers.

MP3: Earth Girl Helen Brown - Hit After Hit

I don't know guys, it's early and this new project from members of the great Sonny & the Sunsets and just as great the Sandwitches comes with a lot of important information, maybe too much for this time of morning that I'd need to type up and then make sound like I came up with it: I didn't - I came up with this. But this song is way radical and it's coming out from friends Forest Family Records so I'mma cut and paste their press release. They did a great job with it:

Announcing the debut record from the soulful, “nomadic psychedelic folksinger” Earth Girl Helen Brown: a “unique mix of country, girl group, R&B, and ghoulishness,” brought to life by Sonny Smith of Sonny & the Sunsets, with help from Heidi Alexander + Grace Cooper of the Sandwitches. Here’s Helen’s story, as Sonny tells it:

“Helen Brown was born in Vancouver, Canada, but raised in an Athens, Georgia-based religious cult, and was blinded in one eye from a childhood baseball injury. As an adult, she dropped out of Evergreen and traveled the country for a while as a nomadic psychedelic folksinger, before forming her first band One Eyed Tramps. For years, she lived alone in a mountaintop in southern Alaska, where she befriended a Cherokee Shaman (later revealed as a fake) who encouraged her to pursue a frustrating academic career. Rampant drug use, frequent fainting on stage, and occasional self-inflicted knife wounds on stage led to more interest in her stage antics than her music. However, a few sides did emerge in the late ’90s (recording dates unknown), which feature a unique mix of country, girl group, R&B, and ghoulishness. Crude and amateurish at best, these recordings are appreciated for their sincerity and intensity of feeling.”

Earth Girl Helen Brown’s Story of an Earth Girl 10” EP is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl, out on March 1. Pre-order the 10” here.

There you go, brah.

Monday, January 24, 2011

High honours

MP3: Cloud Nothings - Should Have
MP3: Cloud Nothings - Forget You All the Time

This Cloud Nothings dude is the real deal. His self titled full length is full of comfortable winter sweaters with the right amount of lint of them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Venom n' shit

MP3: Bane - Both Guns Blazing

Tom Hardy will be playing the 1990's villain Bane in Christopher Nolan's 3rd Batman opus "The Dark Knight Rises". While Bane is mostly lame (he will always feel gimmicky/Batman & Robin/his always being misused as a dumb brute), he can and has been cool. His early introduction was pretty fucking rad. I mean he broke Batman's goddamn back, that's like impossible. Not to mention he himself is a formidable detective: he discovered Batman's secret identity after all. Dude is smart, in shape, has a foreign accent and haircut plus obviously he likes to party (venom will fuck you up, brah). Bane fucking rules!

The best use of him in media was in the original run of Batman: The Animated Series. They took an unaccepted, flash in a pan character and showed that if you are good at what you do, you CAN polish a turd: Bane fuckin' slayed in that episode. Seriously.

Mostly I wanted to talk about the new Batman movie. I think Bane is gonna be done real cool, though hopefully they don't put a mask on him, like they did on the Scarecrow (I can fool myself into thinking they did a good job with it, but I'm lying to myself - it fucking blows). But anyway, Bane were like one of my favourite bands in high school and I think they still rule.


MP3: Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Just when the new year was starting to feel stale, Purity Ring made shit happen. Thank fucking christ. Great film for the song to boot.


Video: Titled.

Lykke Li - Untitled from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

David Bowie Fridays: Dancing in the Street

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Grouper - Sick

It's totally one of those drone/sludge days, so enjoy the b-side on a recent & out of print 7 inch from Grouper. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FUCK NO: Shut Up Shop

Here is a song from the new Cut/Copy record, if that's your kind of thing. If it's not, then we can agree on something. However, being Australian it does make me hope Luke Steele has something new in the works, preferably under The Sleepy Jackson.


MP3: The Roots of Orchis - Bishop's Hostel

The Roots of Orchis officially called it a day, but were kind enough to finish what is to be their final record: Empty Lands Ahead and Behind. It's available through their Bandcamp at a pay what you want for it deal. Also available: a free download of Live at the Casbah, a live gig of theirs recorded and their first LP remastered for cheap. All worth it, RIP dudes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Best Song Ever: You Don't Know

MP3: Ellie Greenwich - You Don't Know

Ellie Greenwich wrote all of the best songs that ever came out. "You Don't Know" is my current obsession: it's sounds scary and lovely all at once.

The Best Song Ever: The Isley Brothers

MP3: The Isley Brothers - This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You)

This description can, in either few or many words, discuss how this is one of the best songs ever—so I'm just going to leave it at that.

FUCK YEAH: Stockholm Rock City

I really cannot believe I slept on not listening to this earlier, as Paper's debut An Object was a blinder of post-punk goodness and they tear it up live. About a month had passed prior my hearing this, yet now it's been stuck in my head and it's all I've wanted to hear. Perhaps it's the furious delivery, or Carl Olsson's terse vocals, or the awesome keyboards—but most likely all of it. I cannot wait until their new album Mischmasch is released, so until then, enjoy.

FUCK YEAH: God is alive, rainbows are shining.

MP3: Danava - The Illusion Crawls

After the last bit of touring on Unonou, my #1 record of 2008, Danava dropped off the face of the Earth. Between then and now, they had a secret lineup change and have been writing: exciting stuff.

The first evidence of quality to come is "The Illusion Crawls", a new track featured on a 3 way split 12" with Earthlesss and Lecherous Gaze. It rules to say the least.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Red sets them off

MP3: Women - Bullfight

I'm of two mindsets when it comes to the possible implosion of Women:

- That's a pretty rock and roll way to go out, and it'd be on top
- Their 2 records are some of the best contributions to music anyone has made in the last 10 years and it'd be a shame since you know they have more hits in them

Whatever their fate, they have a new song appearing on a four way split 7 inch from Faux Discx. Buy that here and enjoy "Bullfight", possibly the last statement from a band far better than anything you like.

David Bowie Fridays: Move On


FUCK YEAH: Murder the Mountains

MP3: Red Fang - Number Thirteen
MP3: Red Fang - Hank is Dead

Red Fang's first intended full length has been completely announced: it's called "Murder the Mountains" and that's the class artwork above. It sees release April 12 on Relapse. The guitarist from the Decemberists produced it, and I gotta say that'll help build your cred, brah.

Download the previously posted "Number Thirteen" from the album as well as b-side "Hank is Dead", which appeared on an Adult Swim comp that can be downloaded for free here. Hey now!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


MP3: Jay Reatard - Fluorescent Grey
MP3: Deerhunter - Oh It's Such a Shame

It's been a full year since Jay Reatard's passing and I'm going to let this post be it for today, as we miss the dude a ton. I wrote a quick blurb last year after getting the news which should still be checked out and heard and today I'm posting his split with Deerhunter where they covered each others hits.

Pitchfork posted an oral history on him that's great because a) they didn't write it and b) it talks mad shit on Matador. Read it here:

His Shattered Records is going to release a final single from him, recorded just 2 days before his passing. It's for club members only and there's still time to join. Do that here.

Hope you're partying hard in hell, nuder!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


MP3: R. Kelly - When a Woman Loves

It's completely logical that a man who has become synonymous over the past decade for his unrivaled hedonism would release an album focusing on the delicate sensual aspect he's neglected, after all, hedonism encompasses the whole of pleasure.

GO TEAM: Whale Belly

I'm sure Joey can also attest to this, but it's really difficult to write about your friends' music. Not because your description will be biased, or your worried about any comments being misinterpreted—but because the music they create is not the basis for any friendship. Most of them I didn't find through music, and the relationships are based on almost every other aspect of their lives but the songs themselves. It's a strange way to think of what your good friends' do in that almost exclusionary, removed way—because it obviously does make them part of who they are—but at the same time it's the least important part for each other, for the friendships.

Whale Belly's debut album may be downloaded here:

Drag queens

MP3: Boy Friend - Lazy Hunter

Boy Friend is the new project from ex SLEEP ∞ OVER slumber partiers Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown. The sound of it? Second verse, same as the first... but in a good way. Download their 4 song ep for free at their Bandcamp page.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Killin' Pandas.

MP3: Ducktails - Killin' the Vibe (featuring Panda Bear)

Matt had excellently commented on Ducktails' album standout "Killin' the Vibe" and now the song gets a little somethin' somethin' added to it: Panda Bear's vox. Available to LP download coupon and iTunes buyers, this song is a bonus to you but now I just posted the mp3 for it so I guess this a bonus to all pirates... yar!!!

New Nite Jewel: It Goes Through Your Head

MP3: Nite Jewel - It Goes Through Your Head
MP3: Nite Jewel - It Goes Through Your Head (DaM-FunK Club Dub)

New Nite Jewel 4 song 12 inch single from Mexican Summer coming out soon. Enjoy "It Goes Through Your Head" and it's remix by DāM-FunK, which Gorilla vs Bear premiered earlier today.


MP3: Destroyer - Downtown

Destroyer is so many years into the game, constantly delivering new and interesting music that "Kaputt" could've easily been enjoyed and forgotten just as quickly, if it weren't so inspired and timeless. It's beyond a game changer, and sprinkled with fun facts that the classic records thrive on (dude recorded vocals while lying down on a couch!).

I've found the whole thing to be incredibly enjoyable, but "Downtown" is an iTunes 5 star song. Fur real.

The music video for the title track "Kaputt" has already made the viral rounds, and deservingly so: it's the visual definition of brilliant.

"Kaputt" is released on the 25th of this month via Merge in the compact disc (why?) and vinyl formats.

New BRAHMS: Add It Up

MP3: BRAHMS - Add It Up

Stereogum premiered the a side to an upcoming single from New York's beyond excellent/stellar/phenomenal BRAHMS. After a legendary demo, the dudes are finally releasing a 7 inch which if "Add It Up" is any indication (spoiler: it is) is going to rip faces apart all throughout these United States.

Can't wait for this one to spin on my turn table!

GO TEAM: Vegetables

MP3: Even Artichokes Have Hearts - If

The most frustrating thing about returning to Connecticut is that 98% of anyone who plays an instrument in this state chooses the wrong path, and that 99% of the listening population here could give a shit. That's fine. I gave up trying to change that a long time ago, but every now and then you get a glimmer of hope and today I present the new brightness: Even Artichokes Have Hearts.

Two pals just killing it sweetly, I don't know what their future is beyond a digital single on February Records (who themselves don't have a very promising lineup), but I'm really hoping for the best. Seriously guys, if there's anything we can do, let us know.

They play tomorrow at BAR in New Haven for FREE with friends of the blog Elizabeth and the Catapult and I'll be there for sure.

Peanut Butter and Flan

MP3: Peter Bjorn and John - Dig a Little Deeper

Here is the first track from the new Peter Bjorn and John album to find it's way on the interwebs, which sees those good gents return to focus on live instrumentation. Enjoy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

"If Satan is 6, the Pixies are 7 and I can't wait. If the Pixies are 7, then the 'Mats are 8! The 'Mats are 8!"

ZIP: The Replacements - The Shit Hits the Fans

For you to enjoy: the 1985 officially released tape only bootleg "The Shit Hits the Fans" 24 song live show by the Replacements. The story behind this is it's own unique legend and I don't both to cut and paste it so wiki it up here.

This is the show you wish you'd stumbled into, where there was no one at the gig and the band sprinkled their set with fuckin' around covers from Thin Lizzy, Led Zep and Black Sabbath. Fur real. Download it, as it's essential for any 'Mats fan!


It's sometimes difficult to define something as "great" when it comes to music, because everyone has their own quirks. Too often though, we find ourselves being sold the next big hype, regardless of what subcultural group we find ourselves clinging dearly to, trying to find a niche in a modern, anonymous world. Unfortunately, we find ourselves holding onto shifting trends—just look at the first decade of this century. We're not sold anything with longevity, it's all a quick fix. This is why when something as gorgeous as Africa 50 comes around, it's relieving. The music on this 18-disc opus , although daunting, provides one with an exceptionally rewarding and immersing listens. Enjoy.


MP3: USF - Point Break II

New track from my pals USF: "Point Break II" appears on the 4 song "Jamaica Plain" ep, pressed to 12 inch wax out February 8th on Highfives and Handshakes. It's damned good and will keep you damned warm.

Fever Dave

No Age on Letterman: WOW! Seriously, way to go guys! Dave and Paul seemed to have thought they ripped too. I bet they partied and ate vegan treats together all night long! GO TEAM!

New La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold

MP3: La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold

New single from La Sera (Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls/All Saints Day) titled "Devils Hearts Grow Gold" with amazing/ugly art above, coming out on the 18th. It appears on the February 15th released self titled full length, the B side "Dedicated to the One I Love" does not.

Single and LP are released through Hardly Art.

Dinner for Yuck

There's nothing wrong with paying homage to your influences—as long as you do it well and add on their legacy. On their self-titled debut, Yuck do just that. The early 90s vibe is harnessed and calculated throughout, but what stays the truest to the sound is the looseness with which band plays, and that's what allows it to seamlessly fit with the aforementioned decade. Enjoy.

The Best Song Ever: Punks in the Beerlight

MP3: Silver Jews - Punks in the Beerlight

I do miss the Silver Jews, but it never did get stale and the output left behind is genius. One of my favourite standouts is "Tanglewood Numbers" opener "Punks in the Beerlight". It's just perfect...

...As is it's music video, a mindfuck collage of clips from 1970's seminal sequel Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Batman b/w Dear Betty Baby

Lower Dens - Batman

Lower Dens - Dear Betty Baby

Good news! It's a Soundcloud kind of night and you can totally stream the entire new single from the flawless Lower Dens. So do it, before you cop a 7 inch on January 18th. It comes out from Gnomonsong.

Friday, January 07, 2011

New Lykke Li: I Follow Rivers

A new stream popped up for "I Follow Rivers", the new single from a darker, more radical Lykke Li. It appears on her upcoming "Wounded Rhymes" which it's safe to say we're all excited for.


MP3: Privacy - Gone

It's snowing. We're done for the day: I'm going to enjoy some warmth and fine novels, but in the meantime enjoy one of my favourite snow videos and snow songs from a great snow record. Really, it's great always, but whatever. Privacy's "Songs" was my 3rd pick for best of 2010, and it's really making a strong case for 2011 as well.

Goodnight all, thanks for a fun week back!

(NOTE: the above video is for opening song "Married" if you were curious)


Funniest dude alive Louis CK has a new special titled "Hilarious" airing this Sunday on Comedy Central at 10PM eastern standard time. The cd/dvd of the special with 40 addition minutes of gold hits stores on the 11th. Don't miss out! His show "Louie" on FX is the greatest thing on television right now.

Peep that widget above for some sweet jokes and here are links to two clips also. Straight up hooked up.

David Bowie Fridays: Modern Love

Fact: everyone, well most everyone, loves Bowie. I always get a bit miffed when someone doesn't listen to him that much, I mean, you don't need to listen to him every day, but one needs a knowledge of one of the greatest songwriters and performers of the last few decades. Enjoy.

G Minor?

MP3: Real Estate - Out of Tune

Real Estate has always come off as pleasant and mildly enjoyable to me, but it's on their semi-recent single for True Panther that they've got me truly excited.

"Out of Tune" is quite great. But you already knew that I bet.


MP3: Red Fang - Number Thirteen

After promoting the hell out of the same material for much, much too long, Portland's Red Fang is finally back with some new rippers. "Number Thirteen" appears on an upcoming full length to be released on their new label home: Relapse. Good luck everybody.