Friday, July 27, 2007

Hello Saferide

photo captured by Sandra Löv

MP3: Hello Saferide - I was definitely made for these times

It's impossible to delve into music from Sweden and not end up finding and loving Hello Saferide. You can find a million mp3 blogs posting songs and going crazy for Annika Norlin's charming pop songs that highly impossible not to relate to.

So this is something different. This is the A side to a single released by London's Regal Records. She describes it as "a song that was both stupid and smart at the same time, in true Motown style. I think I succeeded." I think so too. Hopefully a preview of what's to come from a great songwriter.

(thanks to reader Thomas for correcting me on a bass line mistake, yikes!)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sam Sparro

Golly, it's been awhile. I moved (and will be moving again soon) so that set me back. Oh well. Everything should be semi back in business, so enjoy this and future posts!

MP3: Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

"Black & Gold", the title track from Sam Sparro's upcoming mini-lp/ep, is by far the best song I've heard this year. A true banger, it glides by your Justice's or Simian Mobile Disco's (don't get me wrong, I dig on both) by using an infectious beat, top notch production, clever lyrics and some of the best singing you'll hear, genre be damned. Sparro is a fine example of great music and his touch seems to be magical, no doubt you'll be hearing these songs and his name very, very soon. I'd suggest downloading this jam asap so you can sing it all summer and be ahead of the curve.

This release is coming from Modus Vivendi Music, but no word on when. Keep an eye on their website as much as you can, but in the meantime you can stream the whole thing at Sam Sparro's website.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pelle Carlberg

MP3: Pelle Carlberg - I Love You, You Imbecile

MP3: Pelle Carlberg - Crying All the Way to the Pawnshop

The wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL blog that is Swedesplease first turned me onto Pelle Carlberg with "I Love You, You Imbecile" and I was hooked. The lp "In A Nutshell", available from everyone's favourite label Labrador has made it over here to the states thanks to Twentyseven Records (who are on quite a roll with providing us Americans great Swedish tunes). What's it sound like? Well, think Swedish pop of course. I've read early Belle & Sebastian and I can roll with that. It's definitely a light hearted and fun romp. Plus the bio on his website offers the fun fact that he "dislikes male chauvinist pigs". Who doesn't?!

Video for "I Love You, You Imbecile"

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