Monday, January 30, 2006

M. Ward

M. Ward - Let's Dance

It's really felt like Portland the past couple of days. Lots of rain. But it was nice to drive in honestly. I don't mean on I's 205/84/26/blah but around the city. Downtown, SE back to NE, whatev. It made me want to listen to M. Ward, so I did and that's why you have the current mp3 I'm offering with today's blog. It's a David Bowie cover and probably one of my favourite songs Matty has done. Usually I need to be in the mood for him (like rain) but that tune always does it for me. Summer 2005 it was on most every mix cd I made.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Cat Power

Cat Power - Dreams

My friend Dave hooked me up with the newest Cat Power record last month when I was home for Christmas. I'm not the biggest fan (always have been close to jumping on) but I heard the opener, the title track, and I was hooked. It's sad and upbeat and her voice really shines on this record.

Plus the artwork is great, I mean c'mon, what else could an album called "The Greatest" look like?

Today's mp3 comes from the Japanese version of the record, a cover of the song "All I Have to Do Is Dream". Enjoy!

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