Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FUCK YEAH: Lightning Bolt - I Found a Ring in My Ear [MP3]

Straight from the Bolt:

"A 20 minute Jam recorded in the Hillarious Attic, Lair of the Lightning Bolt on 1.31.11. Straight to our trusty Tascam 420 cassette 4 track. No edits, No worries. The track might start a little discombobulated, but it congeals, soars. Swallows itself. Please download for free or send a little cash to help patch the leaks in the boat. thanks"
It rules.

FUCK YEAH: Black Mountain - Mary Lou [MP3]

Black Mountain are back with a score to Year Zero, a sludge looking surf film that has a trailer you can watch here. Some of the soundtrack's songs are old and reworked, some are new - like "Mary Lou", and it's a definite keeper.

Friday, February 24, 2012

FUCK TRAXXX: Spiritualized - Hey Jane [STREAM]

This one is rather obvious, I mean how can one really hate on a new Spaceman song? Seeing how his less affective material is still what other bands dream of, it's a moot point. The surprising aspect on the first view is the intimacy of the recording. In recent interviews he's mentioned how it was recorded in the front room of his house, and really that adds to the overall sound. And never one one for shying away from an epic ending, he's again achieved that result. I personally cannot wait for the new album. Enjoy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

FUCK YEAH: Holograms - ABC City [MP3/VIDEO]

It was nearly a year ago that Matthew called Captured Tracks "the Drive-Thru Records of indie pop", but Sweden's Holograms takes the label in a more bad ass direction.

"ABC City" comes from the single of the same name, which is out on April 3rd. Cop this, it's a rocker.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Conduits - Top of the Hill [MP3]

Good morning! Here is a song that fits well within the context of waking up in a daze: "Top of the Hill" is the opening track from Conduits' upcoming self-titled debut (out March 20th). It's a shoegaze affair, gently lulling you from one dream to the next until they are standing on top of your smiling corpse, waving a victorious flag.

The sad part is that this band is signed to Team Love, a label that is horrible at supporting their artists and I can't even begin to imagine that they even know what to do with a record like this - but that's what happens when friends do business with friends.

So it's up to you, listener - make sure these guys get heard, because they're gonna need all the help they can get - good luck to you and me both!