Thursday, July 28, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Obscenities

MP3: Saviours - The Eye Obscene

It's never worth putting much stock in a bands' name, but Saviours truly are what they preach.

Death's Procession is out September 6th on Kemado. "The Eye Obscene" is your first mind melting look into it's sun.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


MP3: Kristofer Åsrtröm - Queen of Sorrow

One of our favorite songwriters and former Fireside frontman Kristofer Åsrtröm has returned with a song from his upcoming album From Eagle to Sparrow. "Queen of Sorrow" finds him his usual down and eloquent self, full of melody. That said, I look very forward to the album when it's released. Enjoy.

Video: Take It As It Comes

Riding high off of their really, really good album Share the Joy, the Vivian Girls filmed a video for it's best track. Hop in and ride along for the victory lap that is "Take It As It Comes".

Monday, July 25, 2011

Boogie Time #1: Nu Rave Brain Wave

Today, Fuck yeah! Go team! launches BOOGIE TIME, our mix tape series curated by us and made by people who aren't us (and maybe sometimes us). Our inaugural mix is by Brianna Saraceno, the genius behind one of my fav music blogs Nu Rave Brain Wave. Here is how she tells it:
"I compiled this mix of 12 songs that are new ones currently soundtracking my summer 2k11, or ones that I've consider gems from the past year or so that mostly remind me of summer. Fuck yeah!"
It's a killer (I love pugs). Download it now and here is the track list for those playing along at home:

The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things
Bloodshot Bill - Dark Lonely Street
Demon's Claws - You'll Always Be My Friend
The Castillians - I'll Be Your Man
The UV Race - Lost My Way
Cosmonauts - Little Honda
Mind Spiders - World's Destroyed
Zig Speck & His Specks - One Time Doomsday
TV Colours - The Kids Are All Grown Up
Ty Segall - Happy Creeps
Howlies - Zombie Girl
Assassins 88 - Raising Phoenix


MP3: Girls - Vomit

"Eagerly anticipated" barely scratches the surface of how much I'm looking forward to the new Girls album Father, Son, Holy Ghost to leaking, uh I mean being released on September 13th. This song from it, 'Vomit', it's pretty really super cool. Check it out if you're behind like some people are (which is okay).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loney till deth

I posted "Blues", the first taste of a new Loney Dear album back in January, and it seems like that was foooooooreverrrr ago. At long last, the puzzle has been completed: Hall Music comes out October 4th on Polyvinyl (pre-order here), check the track list below ("Blues" seems to be "Loney Blues" now) and download "My Heart", the newest gourmet sampling from the LP. Hey Polyvinyl, can you press Sologne on wax? That'd rule/seems like a no brainer.

1. Name
2. My heart
3. Loney Blues
4. Calm down
5. Maria, is that you
6. D major
7. Largo
8. Young hearts
9. Durmoll
10. I dreamed about you
11. What have I become?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Dum Dum Girls: Coming Down

While last year's I Will Be failed to contain any lasting power despite early promise (Matthew would be more harsh in his review, believe me), the forthcoming Only in Dreams could be the Dum Dum Girls record listeners had been longing for (and not the one they needlessly hype).

"Coming Down" gives me hope that the album will be less of a tribute to the records their producer had made and more of a product of actually his (and the band's) natural talent. Don't expect a party though - this song is the after party, a 6 minute and 31 second burner through and through.

Monday, July 18, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Los Hombres

MP3: The Men - Bataille

I totally slacked and slept on listening to this stone cold jammer. Why? I cannot explain that at all, but I do know that The Men have been straight sizzling for a few years now, and their latest, Leave Home, shows no signs of not feeling nice. Enjoy.


Nothin' but streams today (though you can pay what you want to download this): Fag Cop coughs up side a of their upcoming LP Whimpers from the Pantheon, out October 10th on Rank Toy Records. It's gonna be a k i l l e r.

More Woods

Woods - Find Them Empty

Hot of the heels of "Sun and Shade", Woods are dropping an exclusive 7" for us via Sacred Bones on 19 July. In typical forested fashion, always sunny and always money". Enjoy while we sweat it on on the East Coast.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Water you saying?

After a 2 year victory lap of their debut full length and a handful of 7 inches, Brilliant Colors return with their sophomore release titled Again and Again.

This time around the songs are catchier, more developed and most importantly better than ever, though not to worry - it's not like anyone left the garage, they merely painted the walls. So now it sounds like chewing on a spark plug while realizing that they're fucking delicious and no one else knows this fact except for you.

Go with that feeling, and enjoy 10 songs from one of the better and most deserving bands of the modern age. Snag a copy this coming Tuesday, thanks to the folks at Slumberland Records.

Brilliant Colors - 'Round Your Way from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


MP3: Matt Valentine - Stay

Matt Valentine is half of folkers MV & EE. Here is a song from his sans EE record that was released earlier this year on Woodsist. Enjoy this song on any current or upcoming lazy day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

White style, white knife, white girls, white nights.

(NOTE: 4 is a lot of tracks and certainly more than we would usually feature, but since the very awesome Ehse Records has this record available for free download I figured I'd give you all I could to make you fully back this band. They do have vinyl and cdr's available, so totally snag one of those. I got my LP in the mail today and it sounds like a really, really tasty sandwich.)

I'm finding that a lot of nostalgia is already surrounding White Life for me in only a month. That's a word I hate to throw around because it is insanely over/misused in music reviews - just because a sound or lyric evokes a certain familiarity doesn't automatically make it a thing from the past... but I digress.

This band's record was introduced to me by a friend of mine and it's been a pretty long time since that's happened, at least from someone unconnected to music journalism / blogging / industry / whatever. That was a neat feeling, especially since their recommendation turned out to be such a homerun.

White Life are two siblings based out of Baltimore who make music that is nostalgic only in the fact that their's is an album that hangs around - after the first song you know you're going to be blasting it all summer long. You stick around to learn the hooks, the best beats, your "HOT TRAXXX" if you will. Pop music hasn't felt this passionate or intimate on a ambitious scale in a lightyear - in fact this will probably be the last time it ever will, so put on some comfortable shoes to dance in and then boogie till you fuckin' die.

Friday, July 08, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Sticky Icky

STREAM: The Icarus Line - Let It Fall (demo)

While we await the straight ripper that is Wildlife, due this August, our internet buddy honcho Travis Keller posted this gem of a demo (gemmo? or is that too British?) from a prospective new album following suit this fall for his own label. Not only are The Icarus Line back, but they seem to rolling and rocking and knocking it finally down. Their ability to disappear in the past was always been their detriment since they have the songs, but hopefully they'll get it going and get the funding to launch a full frontal assault. Travis, send us mp3s of both records, and next time you dudes are in New York I got the first round. Enjoy.


Just heard this one earlier today, it sounded real nice (though I expect nothing less from Slumberland): Big Troubles have a new record called Romantic Comedy coming out on September 27th and this is a song from it.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

MP3: Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

If it seemed like all of the greats were putting out records this year, you're onto something. This September 13th, Wooden Shjips 'drop' a new full length called West (and first recorded in an 'official' studio) on Thrill Jockey, their first for the label.

I don't need to tell you that this, the first released recording from the album and third in sequence, "Lazy Bones" is awesome - it obviously is. I just need to post it, and I just did. Mission accomplished. Fuck yeah.

Your turn, downloader.