Monday, July 25, 2011

Boogie Time #1: Nu Rave Brain Wave

Today, Fuck yeah! Go team! launches BOOGIE TIME, our mix tape series curated by us and made by people who aren't us (and maybe sometimes us). Our inaugural mix is by Brianna Saraceno, the genius behind one of my fav music blogs Nu Rave Brain Wave. Here is how she tells it:
"I compiled this mix of 12 songs that are new ones currently soundtracking my summer 2k11, or ones that I've consider gems from the past year or so that mostly remind me of summer. Fuck yeah!"
It's a killer (I love pugs). Download it now and here is the track list for those playing along at home:

The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things
Bloodshot Bill - Dark Lonely Street
Demon's Claws - You'll Always Be My Friend
The Castillians - I'll Be Your Man
The UV Race - Lost My Way
Cosmonauts - Little Honda
Mind Spiders - World's Destroyed
Zig Speck & His Specks - One Time Doomsday
TV Colours - The Kids Are All Grown Up
Ty Segall - Happy Creeps
Howlies - Zombie Girl
Assassins 88 - Raising Phoenix

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