Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fine Arts Showcase

The Fine Arts Showcase - Friday On My Knees

NOTE: Today's second in a double shot of contributions comes from Matt Giordano, who sheds is temporary tough guy image for something from the Swedes. Like a jacket or something, since it's getting cold. Fuck yeah? Not really.

Woah, two posts from two of next year's projected best albums in a row? We here at Fuck yeah! Go team! sure love you all. What The Fine Arts Showcase gives us here is a logical progression from their last (and fantastic) album Radiola—their trademark brand of pop music, yet with their psychedelic influences brought further to the front. Enjoy, and anticipate.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dead Prez

MP3: Dead Prez - Politrickkks (featuring Malcolm X)

NOTE: Today brings the first of two contributions coming from Matt Giordano, who gives us an update on the when they're on, they're on and when they're off, it sucks Dead Prez. Looks to be a return to grace luckily, even if the subject matter is already mostly dated: welcome back hip hop! Fuck yeah!

This track, easily from one of next year's most anticipated albums, Dead Prez returns at top-form with their masterful political rhymes and ├╝ber-crunk beats. Looking towards a social-anarchical state, and M1 have always been tops at coverying their message of a harmonious America. So much hope permeates from their lyrics it's ridiculous—they know our system is fucked and they want out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Black Keys - I Got Mine (live)
VIDEO: The Black Keys - I Got Mine (from the dvd, Quicktime required)

I love the Black Keys a whole ton. A lot of my favourite memories in life have been soundtracked by them and visually they are always a stellar sight so when I caught wind that they are releasing a new live dvd recorded at one of my favourite venues, it was hard to stay calm.

"Live at the Crystal Ballroom" is a 17 song jaunt of rock and roll and life saving tunes. It's got all of the hits, man:

1. Same Old Thing
2. Girl Is On My Mind
3. Set You Free
4. ThickFreakness
5. Stack Shot Billy
6. Busted
7. You’re The One
8. Remember When (Side B)
9. Your Touch
10. Oceans and Streams
11. Strange Times
12. Psychotic Girl
13. 10 am Automatic
14. No Trust
15. I Got Mine
16. All You Ever Wanted
17. Till I Get My Way

...and is not to be missed. It is directed by Lance Bangs and features music videos and behind-the-scenes footage of the band in the studio working on their last record.

To celebrate the release of such a legendary dvd, Fuck yeah! Go team! is giving away 2 signed copies of the still fresh and excellent "Attack & Release". Radical! All you've got to do is fill out and send the following:


Send to with the subject "The Black Keys Contest". Make it happen friends! Contest ends November 26th.


"Live at the Crystal Ballroom" dvd is out November 18th from Nonesuch.
{purchase "live at the crystal ballroom" from nonesuch}

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


MP3: Bruce McCulloch - That's America

NOTE: Just a quickie from Matt Giordano. Go vote!

Seeing as how it's election season and everyone's getting all a fuss, we should reflect and let Bruce McCulloch tell us all the truth.