Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dead Prez

MP3: Dead Prez - Politrickkks (featuring Malcolm X)

NOTE: Today brings the first of two contributions coming from Matt Giordano, who gives us an update on the when they're on, they're on and when they're off, it sucks Dead Prez. Looks to be a return to grace luckily, even if the subject matter is already mostly dated: welcome back hip hop! Fuck yeah!

This track, easily from one of next year's most anticipated albums, Dead Prez returns at top-form with their masterful political rhymes and ├╝ber-crunk beats. Looking towards a social-anarchical state, and M1 have always been tops at coverying their message of a harmonious America. So much hope permeates from their lyrics it's ridiculous—they know our system is fucked and they want out.

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