Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Republic Tigers

MP3: The Republic Tigers - Golden Sand

MP3: The Republic Tigers - Fight Song

Today brings us the Republic Tigers. Some friends of mine were super familiar with this band and even did a couple of gigs with them, telling me to check them out. As fate would have it, the promotional cd god was looking over me and brought me a copy of the record "Keep Color" and boy am I thankful. To do the typical blogger comparisons, I'd throw in Interpol meets Mew, but it's more than just that. A solid pop record that I hope doesn't get lost in the shuffle this year, since so much has come out, but at the end of the day I'm confident that I will be listening to this little guy for years to come.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mr. Gnome

MP3: mr. Gnome - Pirates

MP3: mr. Gnome - The Machine

Epic used to be cool for an all too short hot second and then produce mediocre material. And here we have mr. Gnome, who completely take it back and dominate it, proving themselves to sound as limitless as the stars.

Don't get me wrong, this thing isn't a feather, it's a goddamned heavy hitter. From the first song "Pirates", you get slugged and then breathed in by it's hauntingly beautiful sounds. Things will slow down through the course of it all, but will never let up or let down. By the end, you'll be taken aback and probably a changed person. This was meant to be: for fans of Cat Power meets Red Sparowes.

"Deliver This Creature" is out now from El Marko Records.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Best Song(s) Ever: Definition + RE: DEFiniton

MP3: Black Star - Definition
MP3: Black Star - RE: DEFinition

It may seem like cheating, but any fan of Black Star will tell you that these 2 songs are pretty much one. Mos Def and Talib Kweli created what is hands down my personal favourite hip hop album ever. Really, any song from it could be posted here, but I went with this one-two punch as it always brings me chills.

What really gets me is when "Definition" turns into "RE: DEFinition", the beat changes up and the song evolves into something just as great as what was before it, never shedding what worked in the first place. Black Star's appeal was that they were intelligent without sounding ostentatious and had beats that were accessible to any fan of music.

All throughout the record, each MC shines a little more than the other, but on these jams, everyone brought their A-game. I hope beyond all hope that they make a second record before I die, even if it sucks. Fingers crossed, friends.

Monday, July 28, 2008


MP3: Printer - Satisfaction

Printer's new record "Can You Take More?" may have come out earlier this year on the always excellent and consistent Adrian Recordings, but it is hardly old news. This sucker is chock full of great pop songs made from beats and a highly capable voice to steer the whole thing right where you want it to be, and along the way you'll find some clever hooks, interesting musical choices and plenty of smiles. It's not too late to snag this one for your collection, get on it. You'll love it.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Paul Westerberg for 49 cents only.

As some of you may have heard, earlier this week musical jesus Paul Westerberg released "49:00", an album that's almost 49 minutes of a musical collage, to be purchased digitally for only (...wait for it...) 49 cents. Insane right? I've never bought a song for that much, so to get an album's worth of gold is quite the deal.

It's been about an hour since I got this, and now I am here looking back at what just happened: despite it's running time, "49:00" comes and goes like that. The whole thing is one mp3, to keep you from skipping ahead, in case you don't like music, and I think it strangely works here. It's easier to treat it as a song than an album. Despite the fact that certain songs start before one even stops and can sound completely different, this has a lot of flow. Even the covers medley that just about closes up shop makes sense here.

I've also read that people are finding that Paul has come into his own with this one, and I can see that. It's been a long time since we've heard any output from him (due to a screwdriver going through his hand, how metal) and now he hits us with this, a little more rock than we've seen from him in awhile, coming through as effortlessly as ever, doing something for fun but really being worth a damn aka succeeding at all troubles musicians seem to have lately.

Basically, you should buy this. Even if it was awful, it's 49 fucking cents. The worst band on Earth is probably almost worth that... almost. But it's not the worst band on Earth: it's Paul Westerberg.

{purchase 49:00 from tune core}
{more information from paul's page}

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Health in your computing machine.

Hey there friends. I apologize for our absence, things have been busy here and I've been gathering up many posts so we can hit you weekly for a long time. You'll love it. That action starts this Monday, but in the meantime check out this live video from our favourites HEALTH performing "Crimewave" at the Music Hall of Williamsburg back in June. It's gnarly you'll love it. You can see the whole set here (they play "Perfect Skin"!), courtesy of our friends at Baeble Music. Fuck yeah, see you Monday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life don't get stranger than this

MP3: Spiritualized - Don't Hold Me Close

MP3: Spiritualized - Borrowed Your Gun

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from Mr Spiritual Matt Giordano, who is getting himself ready for live jamage from the artist this post is written about. Have a good time duder, fuck yeah!

I'm a bit surprised with myself. I never submitted a track from that fantastic new Spiritualized lp that came out a couple of months ago, but since I'm seeing them in a couple of weeks, now's the time to do. What Spaceman and the rest of his intergalactic travellers have devilered to us is less a trip, more a journey. It's aching, and easily his most intimate of albums — instead of watching a genius at work you feel as if you're there lending a hand — and the results are glorious.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Abe Vigoda

MP3: Abe Vigoda - Dead City/Waste Wilderness

MP3: Abe Vigoda - Cranes

Damn man, I was way bummed when I missed the Abe Vigoda duders at the No Age gig in NYC this past weekend (showed up late). I did pick up their new album that dropped last week, "Skeleton", which if you've been reading the internet you know is the new hype. It's worth the jerking off over folks, 14 infectious songs in like 32 minutes, all hits and all leave you with that kind of punk rock black eye you'd get when you were on punk rock vacation. Or something. Whatever. Jam this, hard.

"Skeleton" is out now from Post Present Medium.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

FUCK YEAH: Children

MP3: Children - Death Tribe

It's been a long time since I've had only one song from a band and jammed the shit out of it, but New York's Children have risen to the throne. There's lots of reasons for you to check it out: it's got Adam from Early Man on drums, it's on Kemado and it slays mad gash. 10 epic metal jam on 12 inch one sided vinyl and an etching on the b-side duder. Get it. Download this. Fuck yeah, enjoy your weekend.

"Death Tribe" is out now from Kemado.

{purchase children recordings from kemado records}

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Albert Hammond, Jr.

MP3: Albert Hammond, Jr. - Gfc

MP3: Albert Hammond, Jr. - Lisa

Sometimes I feel like the only person who is not a Strokes fan. I can stand them, which at the end of the day seems like a feat in itself, but I just never got into jerking off about them: I saved that for other outfits. That said, I like Albert Hammond, Jr. He does some really cool shit on his records and he's got a real ear for sound. Here he is again, in no time flat, with his second LP titled "¿Cómo Te Llama?" and it's a damn good time. While not exactly the summer on the porch record he last delivered to us, it leaves behind laid back for a more solid rock infused approach that is mostly hits. In fact, I'd say the only missed opportunity is the one-two punch of the 7 minute instrumental track "Spooky Couch" and it's follow up "Borrowed Time". Both would've benefited for shorter lengths and to work themselves into each other. Minus those, you've still got yourself 11 songs of audible delight: the single "Gfc" is a great pop song, and "Lisa" gets a littler harder, but never leaves behind it's charm. I've included these 2 songs for your enjoyment.

It's worth a buy for sure. Enjoy the hell out of it, and hope this one stays out of Converse sponsored songs.

"¿Cómo Te Llama?" is out now from RCA.

Bonus videotastic for "Gfc"!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wooden Shjips look back.

MP3: Wooden Shjips - SOL '07

Who knew this came out?! Shame on you Holy Mountain! I went to visit my friend at a record shop this past weekend and walked away with this sucker, Vol 1 by Wooden Shjips. It's a collection of their old vinyl releases that came before their radical self-titled masterpiece dropped. It rules. Buy it. I did. Now to get the vinyl version...

"Vol 1" is out now from Holy Mountain (we love you, keep putting out great records).

{purchase wooden shjips releases from insound}

Monday, July 07, 2008

Revisting Sam Sparro

MP3: Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

MP3: Sam Sparro - Clingwrap

It's been so long ago since we last posted on Sam Sparro. It was around this time last year that I first posted and fell in love with "Black & Gold", a song so good it could very well be posted in our "Best Song Ever" columns. In fact, I liked it so much I called it my number one song of 2007. So here we are, summer 2008 and an album has finally been released here in the States. Sparro dropped his self titled debut last month and I was lucky enough to get a copy recently. So how is it?

It's really fucking good. It's not a perfect record, but for a debut it's really good. As a whole, it's very listenable, but at times you do have to make a decision regarding if you're willing to let loose and embrace minor cheesiness. But the fact is the hits are there, and stick like glue to your shoe all day. Great in the car, the club or the pool, I elect Sam Sparro by Sam Sparro as the official album of the Summer. All in favour?

"Sam Sparro" is in stores now from Universal Republic.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

The Best Song Ever: July 4, 2004

MP3: Jason Anderson - July 4, 2004

I was thinking of going with a Fourth Of July song today, but I decided to post on the best song ever: Jason Anderson's July 4, 2004. It not only speaks mountains of how great he is, but it is fitting for the holiday itself. I went with the "Tonight" version, but this jam can be found on "The Hopeful and the Unafraid" on K, the free ep "On the Street" from ECA (who put out "Tonight" as well) and a ton of live bootlegs. It rules.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dream Bitches

Dream Bitches - Bad Luck Bill

Now this is what I'm talking about: Dream Bitches fucking rule. Their new record "Coke-and-Spiriters" is out now and rocking a cd player nicely. It's 10 songs of wonderful pop songs from a bunch of ladies who keep it bright and keep it right. Honestly, some of the most fun you can find in music this year. Recommended.

"Coke-and-Spiriters" is out now from RIYL Records/Olive Juice Music.

{stream the record from fanatic promotion}
{purchase dream bitches recordings from the band}