Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Late April

Sun Kil Moon - Lost Verses

Sun Kil Moon - Moorestown

I am not happy to admit that I slacked on "April" on it's (you guessed it) April release date, but a couple of weeks back I got myself caught up and into the new album from Sun Kil Moon. Now that I am finally here, what do I think? Well, I love it. It is an absolutely precious piece of audible art that should be spread, cherished and listened to repeatedly: a pattern I think we've all come to get used to when it comes to Mark Kozelek, easily one of the greatest songwriters of this or any time.

Right from the start, it kicks off big and epic with "Lost Verses" and it doesn't let up. In fact, after the first 2 songs alone you're at nearly twenty minutes listening time. Highlights include "Moorestown" and "Tonight the Sky", but I'm kidding myself in pretending that they're not each as incredible as the one before it.

And over the weekend, I was lucky enough to give it a good travel listen, which in my opinion is the best way to take in these albums. It did indeed hold up, and is a worthy companion on your cd shelf next to "Ghosts of the Great Highway". Also, look out for appearances from your fun favourites Will Oldham and Ben Gibbard.

Highly recommended.

"April" is out now on Caldo Verde Records.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GO TEAM: Jason Anderson

MP3: Jason Anderson - This Will Never Be Our Town

NOTE: Today's GO TEAM contribution comes from Jason Anderson, a dude who is both prolific & super amazing and who's records are some of my favourites that stay in constant rotation. Recently, K Records released "The Hopeful and Unafraid", a 10 track opus on vinyl (with free cd and download of another album) that is worth seeking out for your perfect Summer soundtrack. It should also be noted that besides that album, in 2008 he put out: "Life Sucks Love Sucks Dose Out" on States Rights Records (also with free download of a different album) and 2 free downloads on ECA Records: "On the Street" and the 105 song "Song A Day" project. And they're all hits, I promise.

Jason was radical enough to give us a few words on "This Will Never Be Our Town", a standout on "The Hopeful and the Unafraid". Fuck yeah!

I wrote this song over the epic, romantic summer of 2004. Back then I came up with a bunch of tunes that have become some of my most favorite to play, including 'Sometimes' and 'July 4'. Originally it was recorded for an album called 'With Friends At Dusk', which was never released, although this year it came out digitally as part of the 'On the Street' free online record. That version is way more intense and rocking as compared to the version from 'The Hopeful and the Unafraid'. 'The Hopeful' was recorded in Chicago and features Justin Brown on pedal steel and Felix Grimm on drums. Juliet Nelson sings the beautiful harmonies, and I did everything else. When we practiced it, Justin's gorgeous slide guitar gave it a bit of a country, folk-rock feel, so we went with that in the studio. There is really no definitive "version" of this one, though, aside from the triumphant sing-alongs that happen at all my solo-acoustic shows. I have never played this live with the band, only by myself, which is interesting. Anyway, I love this song and am so excited that other people get into it, too!


Jul 3, 2008 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
The Muddy River - 21 Congress St. - w/ The Divorced

Jul 13, 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona
Modified Arts - 407 E. Roosevelt - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 14, 2008 - San Diego, California
Epicentre - 8450 Mira Mesa Blvd. - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 16, 2008 - Pomona, California
the Glass House - 200 W Second St - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 17, 2008 - Los Angeles, California
the Troubador - 9081 Santa Monica Blvd - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 18, 2008 - San Francisco, California
Bottom of the Hill - 1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri) - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 19, 2008 - San Francisco, California
Bottom of the Hill - 1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri) - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 20, 2008 - Eugene, Oregon
TBA - w/ Gregg Porter Project

Jul 21, 2008 - Portland, Oregon
Wonder Ballroom - 128 NE Russell - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 22, 2008 - Olympia, Washington
Capitol Theatre - 206 5th AVENUE SE - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 23, 2008 - Seattle, Washington
Neumo's - 925 E Pike St - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 26, 2008 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Kilby Court - 741 S. Kilby Court (330 WEST) - w/ Harry and the Potters

Jul 27, 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona
Trunk Space - 1506 NW Grand Ave - w/ Golden Boots

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Time Fades Away

ZIP: Neil Young - Time Fades Away
01. Time Fades Away
02. Journey Through the Past
03. Yonder Stands The Sinner
04. L.A.
05. Love In Mind
06. Don't Be Denied
07. The Bridge
08. Last Dance

NOTE: Today's MEGA contribution comes from "Mighty" Matt Giordano, who I'm happy to high five over some Neil Young. Join us? Fuck yeah!

PS: I'll be in Cleveland over Memorial Day weekend thinking of everything but this blog, so posts will resume Tuesday. Don't cry, because this post has a whole rare fucking album in it. Word.

It's been about a month or so since my last posting, but I just haven't been sure what to contribute. Maybe I'll get around to another track from the stellar new My Morning Jacket album, but then I downloaded this gem a couple of weeks back. Those kind folks over at Buddyhead having been gracing us with fine mp3s for awhile, but nothing quite as spectacular as their recent posting of the Neil Young opus "Time Fades Away". Above is a link to the entire
album, if you choose to download it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Lemonheads: Best band ever?

MP3: The Lemonheads - My Drug Buddy

MP3: The Lemonheads - Bit Part (demo)

I am not sure if I would consider myself a "child of the '90s" because I was very much in my youth at the time, but I was very aware of culture: I saw many movies released, read numerous comic books, watched a lot of television, had some cool toys and so on (I'm 23 if you're trying to do math right now). However, I wasn't much on top of current music. Other than listening to Neil Young cassettes in my folks' car, I only had my sister's changing tastes to rely on at the time. This was how I found grunge, Weezer and rock and roll in general, but she also didn't delve too deep. I had to find my Pavement and Afghan Whigs albums all by myself later on.

So I didn't come to the Lemonheads' "It's A Shame About Ray" until the 00's. Sure, I had heard their "Mrs. Robinson" version in "Wayne's World 2" and heard many bands cover them, but it wasn't until meeting certain friends that caused me to track down a used copy of the lp and give it a try. Immediately, I understood what the fuss was about.

While every single Lemonheads album is fantastic and worth picking up, "Ray" is just so connectible, catchy and brilliant from song to song, it's very certainly one of those rare perfect albums that will stick with you until your death. This still counts on this expanded edition (thank god), which adds not-so-hard-to-find b-side "Shaky Ground" and a collection of unreleased demo versions of your favourite songs. On these demos, Evan Dando sounds at his most honest and intimate, fuzzing through the speakers directly to your side sharing his stories with just himself and guitar for you to listen. "My Drug Buddy" sounds like he just scored and is returning to your living room to tell you all about what went down on King St. and in the phone booth. But perhaps he is most effective on "Bit Part", minus the rock and introductory desperation courtesy of Polly Noonan but still with pal Juliana Hatfield on backing vocals, taking it down a notch to try to find "a bit part in your life", something so subtle but absolutely fucking perfect of life that you can't help but cheer for him.

However, these demos do not change the dynamic of this classic album: Alison is still starting to happen, and there are still plenty more rockin' strolls to enjoy. They merely serve and succeed as supplementary material to make you adore and appreciate an already flawless old friend. Is it worth shelling out $25 for an album you probably/hopefully already own? Well yes, if not just for the expansive liner notes and (for the first time on) dvd version of "Two Weeks In Australia", then for a chance to revisit a chunk of nostalgia and hear it with fresh ears and an updated outlook.

It's worth a damn. A big damn. I would go as far to say that on the right day, "It's A Shame About Ray" is my favourite record ever. Now where is the vinyl reissue?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Langhorne Slim CONTEST!

MP3: Langhorne Slim - Rebel Side Of Heaven

I sure do love Langhorne Slim and his self titled record, out now on Kemado. I also love the track "Rebel Side Of Heaven", which can be downloaded right in this post as well as seen in video form right here.

Another good thing about the song? You can win a 7 inch for the track b/w "Sometimes", as well as a poster and a sticker! Huzzah!

That's right, just email us at with the subject "LANGHORNE SLIM CONTEST" with:

Your full name
Mailing address
Email address
and if you'd like to receive future updates from Langhorne Slim...

...and you'll be entered! US residents only folks.

The contest ends on May 27th and the winner will be notified on May 28th so get to emailing!

"Langhorne Slim" is out now from Kemado Records.


May 22 -- Urban Lounge -- Salt Lake City, UT
May 23 -- Hi-Dive -- Denver, CO
May 24 – Replay Lounge (outside) – Lawrence, KS
May 25 – 400 Bar – Minneapolis, MN
May 26 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
May 27 – Mad Planet – Milwaukee, WI
May 28 – Schuba's -- Chicago, IL
May 29 – The Hideout -- Chicago, IL
May 30 – Club Café – Pittsburgh, PA
May 31 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY
June 5 – W. Mount Vernon Park – Baltimore, MD
June 6 – World Café Live – Philadelphia, PA
June 7 – T.T. The Bear's — Cambridge, MA
June 17 – La Divian Orange — Montreal, QB
June 18 – The Horseshoe – Toronto, ONT
June 19 – Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH
June 20 - Pike Room @ Crofoot - Pontiac, MI
June 21 - Ruby Tuesday - Columbus, OH
June 22 – Off Broadway- St. Louis, MO
June 24 – The Aquarium (Dempsey's Upstairs) - Fargo, ND+
June 26 - Sled Island Music Festival – Calgary, AB
July 3 - High Sierra Fest - Quincy, CA
July 4 - High Sierra Fest - Quincy, CA

{view the video for 'rebel side of heaven'}
{purchase 'langhorne slim' on iTunes}
{purchase langhorne slim recordings from insound}

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HEALTH: sheds noise and welcomes disco.

MP3: Health - Triceratops (CFCF Rmx)

Low and behold, Health has given their debut more life! Charging up the paddles, they put on the juice into the heart of that square blue wonder and ZAP! out comes "HEALTH//DISCO", from the incredible Lovepump United. Friends and family alike all came by to gaze in awe and wonder at this new sound, each throwing in their own bits and pieces of genius to transform already great songs into something new and different.

Using our extra strong teeth, we here at Fuck yeah! Go team! bit off a sample for you. Gather round, baby lions, and feast on this. CFCF "rmx" (that stands for "remix" young cubs) the powerful "Triceratops" with extra delight and juices that I think you will all enjoy.

If you like the sample, please visit your local grocer (AKA record store/online vendor) and prepare to feast on the lp that is... HEALTH//DISCO!

Also, it should be noted that this release is extra delicious because Health seem to be the nicest fucking gents on this planet (and maybe others) and were kind enough to give thanks to the blogs that posted about them in their growing times. Thankfully, the PR Gods were kind enough to make sure that THIS blog was around with ears to be one of them, and the band gave us a nice thank you in the liners. Thank you Health, Lovepump, Fanatic and everyone who downloaded the songs from the post. It was an honour.

HEALTH//DISCO is released NEXT Tuesday, May 27th on Lovepump United.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Ghosty - You Are A Big Screen

It's fucking Springtime mother fucker, and here is a great sunny pop record for you to enjoy while the Sun is your friend: Ghosty's "Answers". Lawrence, Kansas' all-stars come back with another round of audible goodness for your ears to have sex to. Don't ever stop. Word up.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gregor Samsa are video.

MP3: Gregor Samsa - Jeroen Van Aken

Hello friends. I was going to wait another week or two before gushing over my love of Gregor Samsa, but they debuted a phenomenal video for their "Jeroen Van Aken" track that needed to be addressed. So yes, a full review/mp3 post of "Rest" coming shortly, but in the meantime read this press release, download the song and enjoy the video. And buy "Rest", it's been haunting me for a month now with it's brilliance (as all Gregor Samsa albums tend to do).


Gregor Samsa has just released a video from their upcoming album Rest... Take a look at the stunning clip for "Jeroen Van Aken" directed by Rick Alverson from the band Spokane.

In their third full-length album in seven years, Gregor Samsa takes a new approach to composition, both in process and instrumentation. The result is Rest ; nine pieces composed over e-mail during the course of nine months by key members in New York, Chicago, Boston, DC and Richmond, VA.

In Rest, Gregor Samsa expand on their affinity for minimal, classical instrumentation mixed with mangled and manipulated sound through integration of new instruments such as the celesta, clarinet, classical voice and vibraphone. Along with these new sounds, guitar has been almost entirely replaced by piano, whose parts were recorded on a rare Bösendorfer once owned by Philip Glass. The record is being released in 5 different formats (digital and limited ed. out now, official unlimited version out May 13).

Euro tour dates.... (tour of USA later this summer)

05-08 Leuven, Belgium - Stuk
05-09 Karlsruhe, Germany - Jubez
05-10 Würzburg, Germany - Cairo
05-11 Berlin, Germany - Schokoladen
05-12 Leipzig, Germany - Nato
05-13 Munich, Germany - Kafe Kult
05-14 Vienna, Austria - Chelsea
05-16 Milan, Italy - Leoncavallo
05-18 Rome, Italy - Traffic
05-20 San Sebastián, Spain - La Casa de Cultura de Okendo
05-22 Barcelona, Spain - Be Cool
05-23 Lyon, France - La Marquise
05-24 Bičvre, Belgium - TBA
05-25 Bruges, Belgium - Cactus
05-26 Paris, France - Mains d'Oeuvres *
05-27 Amiens, France - Le Grand Wazoo *
05-28 Lucerne, Switzerland - Treibhaus *
05-29 Frankfurt, Germany - Elfer *
05-30 Luxembourg, Luxembourg - d:qliq *
05-31 Münster, Germany - Gleis 22 *
06-01 Duisburg, Germany - Steinbruch *

* with Kayo Dot
"Rest" is out now from The Kora Records. More formats coming soon, read all about that here.