Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HEALTH: sheds noise and welcomes disco.

MP3: Health - Triceratops (CFCF Rmx)

Low and behold, Health has given their debut more life! Charging up the paddles, they put on the juice into the heart of that square blue wonder and ZAP! out comes "HEALTH//DISCO", from the incredible Lovepump United. Friends and family alike all came by to gaze in awe and wonder at this new sound, each throwing in their own bits and pieces of genius to transform already great songs into something new and different.

Using our extra strong teeth, we here at Fuck yeah! Go team! bit off a sample for you. Gather round, baby lions, and feast on this. CFCF "rmx" (that stands for "remix" young cubs) the powerful "Triceratops" with extra delight and juices that I think you will all enjoy.

If you like the sample, please visit your local grocer (AKA record store/online vendor) and prepare to feast on the lp that is... HEALTH//DISCO!

Also, it should be noted that this release is extra delicious because Health seem to be the nicest fucking gents on this planet (and maybe others) and were kind enough to give thanks to the blogs that posted about them in their growing times. Thankfully, the PR Gods were kind enough to make sure that THIS blog was around with ears to be one of them, and the band gave us a nice thank you in the liners. Thank you Health, Lovepump, Fanatic and everyone who downloaded the songs from the post. It was an honour.

HEALTH//DISCO is released NEXT Tuesday, May 27th on Lovepump United.

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