Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Late April

Sun Kil Moon - Lost Verses

Sun Kil Moon - Moorestown

I am not happy to admit that I slacked on "April" on it's (you guessed it) April release date, but a couple of weeks back I got myself caught up and into the new album from Sun Kil Moon. Now that I am finally here, what do I think? Well, I love it. It is an absolutely precious piece of audible art that should be spread, cherished and listened to repeatedly: a pattern I think we've all come to get used to when it comes to Mark Kozelek, easily one of the greatest songwriters of this or any time.

Right from the start, it kicks off big and epic with "Lost Verses" and it doesn't let up. In fact, after the first 2 songs alone you're at nearly twenty minutes listening time. Highlights include "Moorestown" and "Tonight the Sky", but I'm kidding myself in pretending that they're not each as incredible as the one before it.

And over the weekend, I was lucky enough to give it a good travel listen, which in my opinion is the best way to take in these albums. It did indeed hold up, and is a worthy companion on your cd shelf next to "Ghosts of the Great Highway". Also, look out for appearances from your fun favourites Will Oldham and Ben Gibbard.

Highly recommended.

"April" is out now on Caldo Verde Records.

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Unworthy Drones said...

three weeks until I see him live!

fuck ben gibbard though.