Monday, June 24, 2013

Froth - Lost My Mind [MP3]

MP3: Froth - Lost My Mind

Los Angeles summer garage BBQ sensations Froth will release their debut, Patterns, on Lolipop (LP) / Burger (tape) sometime this July. Here a download of it's first single.

FUCK YEAH: No Age - C'mon Stimmung [STREAM]

I'm afraid to be living in a time where No Age announce a new album and no one is flipping out. An Object is out August 20th on Sub Pop and I am very excited to hear their newest masterpiece.
Check out "C'mon Stimmung" which puts the duo's further progression fully on displayed while dipped in that delicious rock n roll flavor that they make so goddamned well.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Warm Soda - Jeanie Loves Pop [VIDEO/MP3]

MP3: Warm Soda - Jeanie Loves Pop

Goddamn, this Warm Soda record still rips. Here's a new clip of Someone for You's standout hit "Jeanie Loves Pop".

I'd also like to say that I really appreciate that these dudes are actually trying with their music videos, everyone else lately seems to want only to coast on "coolness". Whatever.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Summer Twins - Forget Me [VIDEO/STREAM]

Forget Me is a new 7 inch from the always great Summer Twins, and it comes out tomorrow on Burger.

Check out the video for the title track and don't miss the very lovely b-side "I'm No Good".