Things you should know:
  • If you have another address for us, you don't need to add the one above to your contact lists - it all goes to the same place, and multiple emails is an easy way to get ignored.
  • Try reading our blog sometime - it's real easy to figure out what we like and what we will post.
  • We hate remixes. If one strikes our fancy, it's because we really liked it and not because you sent it to us. Mashups ALWAYS suck. We don't post a ton of electronic/hip-hop on here, so don't bother sending it: you'll go right to the spam folder. We take chances on rock 'n roll, that's it.
  • We probably won't check out your band. I very rarely listen to any unsolicited emails - I only usually trust established PR companies.
  • Don't bother sending a follow up. Your first email either worked or it didn't.
  • Please don't fucking add us to your mailing list or send a LinkedIn request. Do you guys not know email etiquette? Seriously, most of you are scum.
  • Let's end on a good note: if we post on a band that you're in/were in or currently/previous represent, keep in touch! You've made it to the elite!

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