Thursday, April 28, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Standards

MP3: Pissed Jeans - Sam Kinison Woman

As of today, there is no good current music to speak of, so here is a track from last year's "Sam Kinison Woman" by Pissed Jeans. Can't wait until they put out LP4 and blow all of these mother fuckers away.

Mission Complete

Since Daytrotter now have a session with the almighty Bill Callahan up for download, you may say that they've fulfilled their duty. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was going to call this post "Tuesday Bruiseday" but then I realized it's Wednesday

The Skull Defekts have been at the forefront of the Swedish noise scene the last few years, along with personal favorites Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words. Although the latter has just concluded, The Skull Defekts are still going strong having just released "Peer Amid" on Thrill Jockey. While this is a heavy album, it is by no means suffocating. Instead, "Peer Amid" succeeds in tonal balance and experimenting at times, meaning each member gets their moment to shine while the others are there supporting either rhythmically or texturally. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wet face.

MP3: Little Wings - Sandy Babe

I still plan on doing a post on Little Wings' very, very great new album "Black Grass" that came out a few months back, but seeing as the day is just so goddamned beautiful I'm going to grace you with something else first. "Sandy Babe" was a digital single given away by his imprint Rad Records back in 2009. It always screams summertime to me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Pussian Wars

MP3: Black Pus - I'll Come When I Can

Brian Chippendale sure is a busy man. Between Lightning Bolt currently being on tour, his recent opus If-N-Oof and the now on hiatus Puke Force series (most likely due to the touring) he sure has been keeping fans busy. What's more—he's saving the gems on his recent Black Pus records for the last track (see "Body On The Tide" from All Aboard The Magic Pus). The track we have here for you is just that, the calm after the body slam that is every Black Pus release. Enjoy.

Holy shit this fucking postcard is a vinyl record.

Vex Ruffin - Losing Control by stonesthrow

The deservingly legendary Stones Throw keeps throwing us all some pretty great wild cards to play with. As if their work with Connecticut's great band the Stepkids weren't enough, they've now announced a new signing in Los Angeles' Vex Ruffin.

Oh, but it gets better: to best promote the lo-fi rockin' psychster's great single "Losing Control", they've pressed up (I shit you not) a postcard 45 vinyl. Side A is the track, Side B is where you put a stamp. Holy shit right? One is coming my way in the mail and once I get it I'll be sure to gush about it further.

But you should buy your own right now right here:

So killer. 21 century y'all!

Video: Winner by Cheeseburger

HEY EVERYONE: A new Cheeseburger and a new season of Superjail! means life is pretty fucking good. As is universally known, the talented Christy Karacas doubles as guitarist and co-creator of said entities and the two have come together to produce this killer video. "Winner" appears on May 3rd's "Another Big Night Down the Drain", from Williams Street Records.

FUCK YEAH: Pacific sandwich

MP3: Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter - Hushed By Devotion

Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter have never written a bad record. Ever. But while they're always completely great, nothing from their camp was ever fuck yeah worthy... until now.

Perhaps influenced by recent time spent with Southern Lord, the opener to their newest LP "Marble Sun" will slowly burn throughout until a burst of fire proceeds to melt off your face. The rest of the album follows suit, though in a more subtle approach, and obviously this one is not to be missed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Cults: Abducted

MP3: Cults - Abducted

More new Cults material continues to come into light as we get closer to their eponymous debut, out June 7th on Columbia imprint In the Name Of.

They're still sounding wonderful, though I must say the remix on the b-side for this single by The 2 Bears is on the list of all time worst remixes. Like seriously, it's every example of why they don't ever work.

The 2 Bears are a fuck no, while Cults thankfully continue to be a fuck yeah.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Karl Blau: Celebrate By Singing

MP3: Karl Blau - Celebrate By Singing

It's always rewarding to be a fan of Mr. Karl Blau as he is both prolific and consistent, the rarest combination. On May 10th he and K Records will release "Max" a 4 song 12 inch of that classic KB groove, the usual smooth and a bit of a subdued attitude.

Preview now with "Celebrate By Singing" and order a copy when you can.

FUCK YEAH: Tyranasaurus

MP3: Ty Segall - The Slider

I had never heard the actual sound of fish being thrown into a barrel before now, but that's expected when Ty Segall does T. Rex covers. "Ty Rex" is out now on Goner.

Monday, April 18, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Stoning

MP3: Bass Drum of Death - Nerve Jamming
MP3: Bass Drum of Death - Young Pros

Here's another band that is actually giving rock and roll some goddamn hope: Bass Drum of Death's album "GB City" initially drove me in with that bad ass album cover you see above this text, and the music it contained was just as worthy of high praise. These guys never stop ripping, ever. It is a killer one for putting on while having a pint and some grass. Well done dudes and also Fat Possum (again and again)!! Cop this shit now!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh did she?

MP3: Those Darlins - Tina Said

Just checked out Those Darlins' LP "Screws Get Loose" today and it's pretty cool. Pretty rockin' stuff, give it a shot.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HOT TRAXXX: Lofticries

MP3: Purity Ring - Lofticries

At last, the 2nd song ever from Purity Ring, "Lofticries", which will grace the b-side of the excellent "Ungirthed" single, out April 18th on Transparent. Hot damn!

FUCK YEAH: Future Crimes

I guess it's only expected that the first proper Wild Flag recordings rock as hard as they do. What we have made available for you hear is the A-side from their Record Store Day 7" via Merge, while NPR has a stream of the B-side available. It's no real surprise that this supergroup have kicked it off immediately, and now we only have higher hopes for the full length.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Bly Blorning Blacket

MP3: My Morning Jacket - Circuital

It's a nice Tuesday treat to hear that the oft-beloved MMJ have returned to form with the title track from their upcoming record "Circuital". A nice classic rock country tinged groove with the driving acoustic guitar rhythms and Jim James' angelic voice returning to soothe the jaded indie rock listeners. Howl away sweet man, howl away.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday, April 08, 2011

Extra, extra classic.

Congo Rebel

Congo Rebel Version

I think the proper way to get us all grooved into the weekend is to post this: earlier this week I received the "Congo Rebel" single from Extra Classic and it's very awesome. Stream the whole thing above and then quickly purchase a copy from their own Nopal Records so that you too can have a weekend where you spin it and get your friends moving.

Thanks Dri and Alex!! Much love. See you all next week!

David Bowie Fridays: Station to Station

MP3: David Bowie - Station to Station


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Grouper: Alien Observer

MP3: Grouper - Alien Observer

Grouper was one of the best shows I saw last year and her recorded output is always spot on. "Alien Observer" is our first peek of the 2 record "A I A", this one being the title track to the second LP. Highly recommended, and this opus sees release on April 11th from Grouper's own Yellow Electric.

FUCK YEAH: Jesus Told Me to Kill

MP3: The Dwarves - The Dwarves Are Still the Best Band Ever

As the younger bands continue to make not only a mockery of themselves but all music as a whole, it signals a time when the Dwarves return with the not only the answers but the path as well. Never ones to shy away from humility, they continue their mantra of "blood, guts and pussy" with this ripper of an album opener from the highly anticipated new opus "The Dwarves Are Born Again". Double fuck yeah!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Mi Ami have, at least on Dolphins, decided to abandon the spastic elements that made their older material a bit more propulsive. This maneuver is interesting because the grittiness of past releases tended to fit the shrieked vocals a bit more than the more straight up dance elements employed here. While it's still better than a lot of the danceable music being offered these days, fans of Mi Ami's driving noise may be a bit disappointed.


Sun Araw - Bump Up

New killer jam from the always prolific, great and psychedelic madman that is Sun Araw from the "Houston Abstros" 7 inch out today from Monofonus Press. Buy it!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Looking back.

MP3: Best Coast - Sun Was High (So Was I) (Daytrotter session)

Today, Daytrotter released a session from Best Coast that was recorded back in the year of 2009. It's all old songs, pre-drummer and pre-Crazy for You and it reminded me of why I fell for this band in the first place. And you should download it, it's really great:

And I do like Best Coast, I truly do. I had a great time buying the first pressings of the vinyl singles as they were released and thought that the songs were truly special. "Sun Was High (So Was I)" is still an incredible track, their best even. "Crazy for You", while polished, is still a cool album. But eventually the whole thing feels shtick: like yeah your cat and weed are cool, but maybe it's time to try writing a new type of song? I mean we all have cats.

But did anyone else (bloggers, fans, brahs) feel betrayed by this chick? It's like she used the "cred" of P4K/Gorilla vs Bear/Stereogum/Fuck yeah! Go team! to basically become an "indie" (ugh) pop star. It seemed like she was trying to make all the mainstream things and people that she was into okay to like so she wouldn't be judged by a set of friends and peers that had been acquired from her time in Pocahaunted.

Don't be surprised when the full length gets a re-release on Atlantic or some shit corporate label and we're being force fed products with "Boyfriend" played over the adverts.

In fact, I just got wind of the new video from her upcoming major label debut. Let's watch:

Our retort?

HOT TRAXXX: Blackeye

MP3: Love Inks - Blackeye

Great one from Austin's Love Inks, appearing on both the forthcoming E.S.P. debut LP and on the (out now) single of the same name, which is great so buy that right here.

Killer pop song, dudes! This is your video I guess, I still haven't watched it yet. Does it rule?