Monday, April 04, 2011

Looking back.

MP3: Best Coast - Sun Was High (So Was I) (Daytrotter session)

Today, Daytrotter released a session from Best Coast that was recorded back in the year of 2009. It's all old songs, pre-drummer and pre-Crazy for You and it reminded me of why I fell for this band in the first place. And you should download it, it's really great:

And I do like Best Coast, I truly do. I had a great time buying the first pressings of the vinyl singles as they were released and thought that the songs were truly special. "Sun Was High (So Was I)" is still an incredible track, their best even. "Crazy for You", while polished, is still a cool album. But eventually the whole thing feels shtick: like yeah your cat and weed are cool, but maybe it's time to try writing a new type of song? I mean we all have cats.

But did anyone else (bloggers, fans, brahs) feel betrayed by this chick? It's like she used the "cred" of P4K/Gorilla vs Bear/Stereogum/Fuck yeah! Go team! to basically become an "indie" (ugh) pop star. It seemed like she was trying to make all the mainstream things and people that she was into okay to like so she wouldn't be judged by a set of friends and peers that had been acquired from her time in Pocahaunted.

Don't be surprised when the full length gets a re-release on Atlantic or some shit corporate label and we're being force fed products with "Boyfriend" played over the adverts.

In fact, I just got wind of the new video from her upcoming major label debut. Let's watch:

Our retort?

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