Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mr. Gnome

MP3: mr. Gnome - Pirates

MP3: mr. Gnome - The Machine

Epic used to be cool for an all too short hot second and then produce mediocre material. And here we have mr. Gnome, who completely take it back and dominate it, proving themselves to sound as limitless as the stars.

Don't get me wrong, this thing isn't a feather, it's a goddamned heavy hitter. From the first song "Pirates", you get slugged and then breathed in by it's hauntingly beautiful sounds. Things will slow down through the course of it all, but will never let up or let down. By the end, you'll be taken aback and probably a changed person. This was meant to be: for fans of Cat Power meets Red Sparowes.

"Deliver This Creature" is out now from El Marko Records.

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