Sunday, July 27, 2008

Paul Westerberg for 49 cents only.

As some of you may have heard, earlier this week musical jesus Paul Westerberg released "49:00", an album that's almost 49 minutes of a musical collage, to be purchased digitally for only (...wait for it...) 49 cents. Insane right? I've never bought a song for that much, so to get an album's worth of gold is quite the deal.

It's been about an hour since I got this, and now I am here looking back at what just happened: despite it's running time, "49:00" comes and goes like that. The whole thing is one mp3, to keep you from skipping ahead, in case you don't like music, and I think it strangely works here. It's easier to treat it as a song than an album. Despite the fact that certain songs start before one even stops and can sound completely different, this has a lot of flow. Even the covers medley that just about closes up shop makes sense here.

I've also read that people are finding that Paul has come into his own with this one, and I can see that. It's been a long time since we've heard any output from him (due to a screwdriver going through his hand, how metal) and now he hits us with this, a little more rock than we've seen from him in awhile, coming through as effortlessly as ever, doing something for fun but really being worth a damn aka succeeding at all troubles musicians seem to have lately.

Basically, you should buy this. Even if it was awful, it's 49 fucking cents. The worst band on Earth is probably almost worth that... almost. But it's not the worst band on Earth: it's Paul Westerberg.

{purchase 49:00 from tune core}
{more information from paul's page}

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