Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Best Song(s) Ever: Definition + RE: DEFiniton

MP3: Black Star - Definition
MP3: Black Star - RE: DEFinition

It may seem like cheating, but any fan of Black Star will tell you that these 2 songs are pretty much one. Mos Def and Talib Kweli created what is hands down my personal favourite hip hop album ever. Really, any song from it could be posted here, but I went with this one-two punch as it always brings me chills.

What really gets me is when "Definition" turns into "RE: DEFinition", the beat changes up and the song evolves into something just as great as what was before it, never shedding what worked in the first place. Black Star's appeal was that they were intelligent without sounding ostentatious and had beats that were accessible to any fan of music.

All throughout the record, each MC shines a little more than the other, but on these jams, everyone brought their A-game. I hope beyond all hope that they make a second record before I die, even if it sucks. Fingers crossed, friends.

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