Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loney till deth

I posted "Blues", the first taste of a new Loney Dear album back in January, and it seems like that was foooooooreverrrr ago. At long last, the puzzle has been completed: Hall Music comes out October 4th on Polyvinyl (pre-order here), check the track list below ("Blues" seems to be "Loney Blues" now) and download "My Heart", the newest gourmet sampling from the LP. Hey Polyvinyl, can you press Sologne on wax? That'd rule/seems like a no brainer.

1. Name
2. My heart
3. Loney Blues
4. Calm down
5. Maria, is that you
6. D major
7. Largo
8. Young hearts
9. Durmoll
10. I dreamed about you
11. What have I become?

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