Thursday, January 13, 2011


MP3: Jay Reatard - Fluorescent Grey
MP3: Deerhunter - Oh It's Such a Shame

It's been a full year since Jay Reatard's passing and I'm going to let this post be it for today, as we miss the dude a ton. I wrote a quick blurb last year after getting the news which should still be checked out and heard and today I'm posting his split with Deerhunter where they covered each others hits.

Pitchfork posted an oral history on him that's great because a) they didn't write it and b) it talks mad shit on Matador. Read it here:

His Shattered Records is going to release a final single from him, recorded just 2 days before his passing. It's for club members only and there's still time to join. Do that here.

Hope you're partying hard in hell, nuder!

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