Friday, February 04, 2011

A hug and a kiss at the door.

MP3: The Finches - The River in Edo
MP3: The Finches - Natural History

A lot has happened with the Finches since we last left them: half of the duo was gone, there was a name change and then they become 3 strong, then 1, then 3 strong once again.

That catches us up to now, and we have "On Golden Hill", their follow up to 2007's "Human Like a House". It's been a few years, sure, but we've all kinda changed and grown and solidified what was really special about us as human beings you know?

"On Golden Hill" is really great, it's only occasionally weak. It begins on track 6, the song "I Stood", which starts off as interesting and kitschy, but almost immediately that charm is temporary and turns against itself. The same goes for "Hannah": the two tracks go together so well that it's a no brainer to sequence, but they slow down the enjoyment to the point of doubt, until you reach LP closer "How to Keep Your Heart Hate-Free", which (along with the 2 songs I've featured today) really solidify Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs as a brilliant song writer of timeless, special music.

Mostly, I'm just glad the Finches are back. Don't go away this long again, guys.

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