Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Skye blue, stay true.

MP3: Mighty Clouds - Stay Single

Fred Thomas returns with one of his greatest collaborators, Betty Marie Barnes, to form Mighty Clouds. Their self titled LP (which you can get a copy of the original press from here or here) will see a repress from Thomas' own Lifelike Records (who also did the first round of copies) with nation wide distribution from Polyvinyl on Record Store Day.

It's a good album: for me, Fred Thomas is an incredibly talented songwriter who flourishes greatly with a girl to play off of. I have no problem with his other projects (many of which see a digital push from PV as well, learn which ones here) and am happy that he's found so many creative outlets, it just never did it for me. It seemed like didn't get the attention and passion that his songwriting in the great Saturday Looks Good to Me received.

So welcome back, Fred. Can't wait to hear more, I'm sure you'll release like 2,402,040,303,333 tapes and 7 inches with only 2 copies made for each one. Collectors: on your mark...

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