Thursday, February 03, 2011


MP3: Julee Cruise - Falling (demo)

I was listening to my friend's radio show and his friend played this 7 inch he found containing quite the gem: the demo version of "Falling", a song written by David Lynch, composed by Angelo Badalamenti and sung by Julee Cruise that is also known, in it's instrumental form, as the theme to the seminal television program Twin Peaks.

The 7 inch is a random promotional item from the majors, it's green and went completely under the radar. It's very existence is completely baffling.

The demo reveals a whole new level of sparse, and works as an appreciator if you've heard the original or will lull you into Julee's world if you haven't.

Sorry for the quality, it was the best I could find online. It was almost as tough to find as the 7 inch itself.

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