Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Since Joey has gone up and opened the TFAS well, who I admittedly have no listened to in a while, I figured I'd send in a couple of older gems, two from the debut record (which for some reason iTunes misspells Gustaf's name) and the other a demo prior to their second record, Radiola. It was a strange and pleasurable experience for my brother and I meeting Gustaf in Clapham, sitting in the rain snussing, chain smoking and knocking back many a Staropramens, discussing (amongst other things) early nineties favorites Further, Small (23), Archers of Loaf, etc. But what stuck out most was a worrisome humbleness he had about himself. In retrospect, our bleary-eyed night in South London makes much more sense when you hear his follow-up Dolophine Smile many pieces are put together not necessarily on the content of the night, but of the atmosphere; I'll have to see what he's been up to recently. Enjoy.

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