Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FUCK NO: Cults' Go Outside video

MP3: Cults - Go Outside

Cults have really got a lot of mileage out of a limited catalogue, with most of the focus being on their excellent "Go Outside" hit. Today, a video produced by anti-music video company MTV has premiered and man did everyone involved miss the point entirely.

Staring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco (a kid who is endlessly destined to always have it mentioned that he is the brother of James, mostly because he has no talent to help him stand on his own two feet), it takes a song of dark, evil, cheerful pop and glosses it to a 2-bit love story that no one could give a shit about. It is truly everything that is terrible about music videos and I'm hoping with one viewing of this schlock I can forget it's image anytime I listen to this song.

Shame on Patrick Hoelck, the director. Clearly, you are a hack. Let's please throw money at people WITH vision people!

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treebranches said...

sometimes I just come on here and go through the pages to listen to this song