Friday, February 04, 2011

FUCK YEAH: Pints and joints all weekend.

MP3: Federation X - Rally Day
MP3: Federation X - Slave Song
MP3: Federation X - Charlie Jackie Freedom Pride

Life has been good to me, I must say. I never had the chance to see Federation X live and it seemed like they were done playing music for many years. It felt horrible. Then, recently, dates were announced and they were on the East Coast to boot. That's that coast I live on! They're in New York this weekend and I will be there on Sunday for the gig at the Cake Shop. I know a lot of our readership is in that area (thanks google analytics), so TOTALLY come out. Tweet (ugh) @fuckyeahgoteam if you want to buy us pints, myself and Giordano will both be attending and will bring our thirsts.

Federation X's remaining dates (including tonight):

Fri Feb 4 Comet Pizza and Ping Pong Washington DC
Sat Feb 5 285 Kent Ave - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Sun Feb 6 Cake Shop New York City, NY (that's when we'll be there)
Mon Feb 7 The Ox, Philadelphia, PA

Attend what you can! Rare opportunities! That's gonna do it for us this week, see you on Monday.

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