Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Loney, Dear

Loney, Dear - I Am John
MP3: Loney, Dear - Le Fever
MP3: Loney, Dear - Never Let It Slip
MP3: Loney, Dear - Warm, Dark, Comforting Night

I wanted to do something special for the release of Loney, Dear's "Loney, Noir" on Sub Pop. But I got swamped and distracted. So it had to wait until today.

So here you are, enjoy 4 songs, each from the 4 albums Emil Svanängen has produced. They're all really worth tracking down I promise.

My friend had passed me some songs to listen to from the band but I never fully got into it. I enjoyed Emil's contribution to the I'm From Barcelona lp but other than that it wasn't something I was in love with. But then I saw him perform with a full band twice for CMJ last November and was blown away. A really, really great and intimate-yet-upbeat live show.

After the first 2 listens of "Loney, Noir", I definitely thought it wasn't as strong as "Solonge". After the next 324598 listens, I take it back: Loney, Noir is a perfect pop album, with great songs.

Sub Pop is marketing "I Am John" which is the smartest idea ever. It's a really great introduction to Loney, Dear and what the music is all about. It builds and builds until it explodes with "I've got a feeling of you and we danced for so long, I want your arms around me like lovers do, and I'm never gonna let you down, never gonna let you down. "

Here is the video for said song, which is a lot darker then the sunny music behind it.

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