Saturday, February 24, 2007

The End Will Be Kicks

MP3: The End Will Be Kicks - If You See Them Tell Them That I Love Them
MP3: The End Will Be Kicks - Drowning Margareta

NOTE: Today's blog comes from my good friend Matt Giordano, who will guest here from time to time. Fuck yeah.

Although I've had this album since it came out last year, it just hit me how solid it is. Maybe it's this rainy day in New York, where it feels as though mother nature is unsure of whether or not to begin the rebirthing of foliage during what we call Spring, but it just finally clicked. Music for me always clicks and makes sense at different points in one's life (hell, it took me ten years to appreciate Pavement), but the self-titled debut album by The End Will Be Kicks, which these tracks are from, is a rare angular indie rock masterpiece that will go under the radar for many years to come, unless you, the people make this happen.

Their label Chalksounds has since closed shop and another has sprouted who's name I cannot recall, but through purveyors such as It's a Trap! and even iTunes, this record can live and breathe it's proper life.

Here you are, lovers of fine music—the end indeed, will be kicks. This is for the beginning of Spring.

{buy the end will be kicks recordings from it's a trap}

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