Friday, February 02, 2007


MP3: Koufax - Loveless Meredith

I ventured into Bloomington, Indiana last night to see my friend Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band play at Rhino's. While I was excited to see Mr. Devine again, I was very much giddy about seeing the Koufax band rock out. I've been a fan since "It Had to Do With Love" and they've come by me a couple of times but something always came up.

They certainly delivered. To my surprise they played material mostly from 2002's brilliant "Social Life". But myself and my roommate threw in a request for "Going to Happen" and "Colour Us Canadian" and both were fulfilled. Got a chance to chat and host the gentlemen and they were all stand up lads. See this band if they're in your town. Good times are promised.

I picked up an import vinyl edition of "Hard Times Are In Fashion" and the import cd/ep "Why Bother At All", which is where today's mp3 comes from. It's a lovely little b-side I remember hearing about when the band first started recording their last lp. It features the brothers Pope (who were in the band for a quick second) as the rhythm section.

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