Monday, February 26, 2007


MP3: Limbeck - Big Drag

Limbeck is one of those bands who seem to be in a genre they don't belong in. I don't mean the music they make, that's coming along nicely. I mean they get lumped in with these pop punk godawfulness that really isn't deserving of them. I'm hoping their new self titled effort will wipe the slate clean.

After a lackluster (in my opinion at least) lp in 2005's "Let Me Come Home", the Limbeck band comes at us again with "Limbeck", due April 10th on Doghouse Records. Now, I was having a conversation with a fellow named Stephen the other day about self titled efforts. I'm not into them, but we both agreed that it takes balls to do it and that it better be good if it's going to represent your band as a whole.

Each record they release seems to have a different vibe. Now, they'll never make "Hi, Everything's Great" again (much to my sadness), but we already own that record. I don't want to re-buy it. This is the new album.

This is a huge improvement over their last record, and they found a way to get country to fit their sound instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Thanks can be thrown to Casey Prestwood who lays down some pedal steel on a couple tracks and producer Ed Rose, returning to the band he helped make (in sound). It's a very relaxed and upbeat piece of work and is tight as tight can be. It rocks, it rolls and the storytelling is as strong as ever.

"Big Drag" is all over the internet and is a fantastic choice of single. I hope a little closer to the release date I can share some more tracks, because it really is a great record and I'd love to have more to illustrate my point to you all. I just don't want to get in trouble.

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