Monday, February 12, 2007

Van Morrison

MP3: Van Morrison - Moonshine Whiskey

NOTE: Today's blog comes from my good friend Matt Giordano, who will guest here from time to time. Fuck yeah.

So, originally I was going to submit this awesome Troll interlude (however I'll get around to is if Joey allows me to guest again), but at the last minute I decided to go with one of my favourite tracks by one of the best songwriters of the 20th century, Mr. Geroge Ivan Morrison. Tupelo Honey is a pheonominal country-rock album, and this track, it's closer just exemplifies the spirit and heart in the music. The slide guitar is perfectly complimented by Morrison's soulful vocals, and with The Kinks Musswell Hillbillies is the some of the best Americana to come out of the British Isles.

Above the legendary status he's reached amongst his peers, I feel that Van Morrison's influence amongst the artists of today isn't as widely acknowledged as it should be, but maybe since I consider him to be a great influence on me, I'd expect likewise amongst highly regarded contemporary musicians, but I guess they're missing out on some great music. Whilst never feeling dated in his early material, Van Morrison place in popular music has been solidified for decades, and I guess I'd just like to thank him for all of the great songs.

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