Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dr. Dog

MP3: Dr. Dog - My Old Ways
MP3: Of Montreal - Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks

I know, I know. I'm not posting anything new, everyone else on the entire interweb has been all about this Dr. Dog track (and with good reason). Last night, while at work, I got this song in my head along with "Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks" by Of Montreal stuck in my head and they became one song. When I got home I put on both songs and they seem pretty different now. Rats. But you be the judge. The bonus ep from the "Sunlantic Twins" is better than that entire album (yes, I'm a bitter fan who likes everything pre "Satanic Panic In the Attic").

I'm highly excited for the upcoming Dr. Dog record "We All Belong". It's funny, "My Old Ways" reminds me a lot of Of Montreal, with the harmonies and the warm sounds. But you can tell the difference. I'm excited for this one.

And there's a video. Everyone LOVES videos:

{buy dr. dog recordings from park the van}
{buy of montreal recordings from insound}

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