Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lucky Soul

MP3: Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted

The press release for Lucky Soul boldly states that they're "the most exciting thing to come out of Greenwich since time itself". While I'm not familiar with what has come out of Greenwich, I can say that I am excited by time and now I am excited by Lucky Soul.

"The Great Unwanted" is the title track from the group's upcoming lp on Ruffa Lane, out April 9th in the UK. The track is full of beautiful harmonies and strings which take center stage, but the guitar work actually fuels the song from a distance. Guitarist Andrew Laidlaw (who is the songwriter for the band) is like a composer, taking the lead but letting Ali Howard's vocals shine on through until together they build up the song to a grand finish.

The band made a video for another track from "The Great Unwanted", titled "Add Your Light to Mine, Baby". I'm sure you'll find it as fun and grandiose as the other.

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