Monday, September 03, 2007


MP3: Health - Crimewave

MP3: Health - Perfect Skin

The best thing about about the upcoming self titled cd from Los Angeles foursome Health? It sounds fucking good. Recorded at the Smell, an all ages venue with vintage equipment (such as ribbon microphones used for 1930 radio broadcasts), this 11 song album will sound like pure gold through your speakers during it's near 29 minute run. While it's short and sweet, it manages to cut through the bullshit and deliver something so grand that it requires countless repeat listens.

The album tends to challenge the listener with droning beats before bursting into absolute brilliance, best seen in the dreaminess found in the middle of "// M \\" which is bookended by pounding drums before coming to it's center of goodness. Speaking of the drums, they sound beyond huge. The band, giving off hints of Lightning Bolt and Liars at times, make use of their creativity and push into noises so interesting and catchy it becomes a new form of infectious.

Rarely will you find an album that is different but flows completely throughout it's run in your cd player. This is that album, and it is highly recommended. With many high profile remixes and a tour coming to (most likely) your city this month and next, now is the time to hop on the Health bandwagon. I will bet this band will make plenty of waves soon enough.

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