Sunday, September 09, 2007

No Age

MP3: No Age - I Wanna Sleep

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from Matt Giordano, who actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, before the album came out here in the states. So he had crazy cred, except I took forever to post it, thus robbing him of all possible kudos. Sorry? Fuck yeah.

It's slightly humourous that I found out about this band whilst in London two months ago, seeing as how they're from L.A. and all, but it just seems appropriate due to the fact I was surrounded by a couple of great up-and-coming designers and noise enthusiasts. To put it bluntly, No Age fucking rips, but not in the typical sense. Their songs mirror angst and drip punk ethos, yet are so well written and arranged that the listener empathises with the subject and recognises the beauty in what's being lost. Their debut compilation "Weirdo Rippers" is available on 28 August in North America (it's already been out in the UK for two months). Not only does this disc come highly recommended, but it is one of the years most fully-realized debut outputs, and that's quite an accomplishment.

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