Wednesday, September 26, 2007


MP3: Akron/Family - Crickets
MP3: Akron/Family - Phenomena

While on my adventurous train ride to Salt Lake City, Utah (which also explains my absence from the blog world) I was able to stop in Chicago to grab the new Akron/Family masterpiece "Love Is Simple". I had a long walk back to the train station and while sitting I opened up the cd to find I was given 2 dvds instead of the expected cd/dvd package. So I walked back, exchanged it, and again walked back. I almost collapsed. Then my train got delayed for almost 10 hours.

So thank you to Akron/Family for making it all worth it and giving my sanity a soundtrack. I was excited for "Love Is Simple" and it did not disappoint. The boys seem to put out records yearly and (as of last year) will yearly end up on my best of list. Fuck yeah.

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