Friday, September 28, 2007


MP3: Danava - Quiet Babies Astray In A Manger

I honestly have no idea how I missed out on Danava for so long. I saw promos of it lying around all the time when I was working at a record store, they're on the wonderful/near flawless Kemado Records and they're from Portland. But they went over my head, until recently when my friend was bumping their self titled record on red wax. It was described to me as Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin, which I can totally agree with, though I'd suggest you add drugs into that.

The songs are long (I don't think any of them are under six minutes) but they fucking rule beyond all belief. It's an album that will have you pressing play over and over again, as it flows into itself. 5 songs never sounded so good.

{purchase danava recordings from kemado}

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