Sunday, September 02, 2007

FUCK YEAH: Huey Lewis & the News

MP3: Huey Lewis & the News - You Crack Me Up

NOTE: Today's contribution, in his first FUCK YEAH! post, comes from Matt Giordano, who clearly is enjoying his weekend off. Are you? Fuck yeah.

For my latest post I'd like to revisit one of the most influential bands of the past twenty-five years, Huey Lewis & the News. Huey and the lads are still touring these days, and what better way to move into the Labour Day week than hearing an anthem you'll be more than likely to play at that weekend's cookout most of you will be having. The News provided a generation of people with songs perfect for blasting outdoors at any type of celebration, and you'd be rocking to it with a Budweiser in hand and your Wayfarers on. Pure, classic rock'n'roll about not drunk driving, which is even more appropriate for the upcoming Labour Day weekend. Booyah.

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