Friday, September 21, 2007

The Owls

The Owls - Air

In my relationship history, I find that I never learn of any new music from my ladyfriend. I don't know if that is because I date girls with shitty taste or that I'm stubborn (probably a cocktail of the two), but at the end they walk away with new favourite bands and I've got nothing.

Luckily, once upon a time, I did get a band out of it. That bands is the Owls, a band with feather light vocals and butterfly kisses of instruments. My first song was "Air", a gentle pop gem that was like a seed, and before I knew it I loved the Owls so much, they were as a big as a tree in my heart.

They've been low key for many years (the "Our Hopes and Dreams" ep came out in 2004), but researching for this post brought me great news: They will release the 14 song "Daughters and Suns" this October (I think once again on the great Portland label Magic Marker). The first pressing even comes with a dvd! I have no idea what to expect, but if they expand on the potential brought on by "Air" and the rest of their ep, it will be a contender for your best of 2007 list. Bring it on Owls.

{purchase the owls recordings from magic marker records}

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