Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HOT TRAXXX: Formerly Games

MP3: Ford & Lopatin - Emergency Room

Seems like the HOT TRAXXX posts are dedicated to bands who change their names to prevent any possible lawsuits: Ford & Lopatin used to be Games. Now they're not. Is the lesson to always choose a unique and complicated band name? Probably, yeah.

But I digress: Games were always on the lips of my peers, but I hadn't heard them myself until a friend gave me a mix tape he made with them on it. The same mix tape from a friend that produced this. Of course it stood out because it was the only song like it on the entire playlist, but it didn't hurt that it was also really, really good.

So they changed their name, created a label called Software under the umbrella of Mexican Summer and are releasing their debut full length "Channel Pressure" come June 7th. That's the cover art above, and this song (like what you see up there) is out of this world. Love that 1980's view of the future!

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