Friday, October 30, 2009

New High Places: "I Was Born"

(via P4K)

I'm on record saying this, but once again: I really did not enjoy High Places when I first heard them. My girlfriend was the one who brought them to my attention and she was beyond on board, but it took quite awhile for it to click on my end. Their self titled full length was what did it for me, and they've been succeeding ever since (like their split with Soft Circle out now on PPM, holy shit is it great).

They released a new video for the new song "I Was Born" that will be on a 12 inch single shortly from Thrill Jockey, then we can expect a full length in 2010. Radical. Check this out, it's awesome and features the debut of the bassoon in their sound. Also a fun fact: they left Brooklyn for LA! Good for them, seriously.

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