Friday, October 23, 2009

HAHAHAHAHA (Welcome Back)

MP3: Girls - Heartbreaker
MP3: Girls - Love Life
MP3: Girls - Broken Dreams Club
MP3: Girls - Saying I Love You

I stopped buying weed long enough to pay the bills, so we're back! Hi! It's sort of cruel to be gone for 2 weeks and to return on a Friday, leaving you once again over the weekend. But the backlog of posts are many and in November, Matthew and I will be doing some cooler shit. So get on it.

Now I'll leave you with a Girls radio session on KDHX, all new songs. Enjoy, and see you next week!


Hanan said...

awesome! thanks! I was singing Lust for Life out loud on my way home from work today =)

Ralph Mendoza said...