Monday, October 26, 2009

FUCK NO: "Can't Stop Partying" by Weezer & Lil Wayne

MP3: Weezer - Can't Stop Partying (featuring Lil Wayne)
MP3: Rivers Cuomo - Can't Stop Partying

(NOTE: the man/google made us take down the links to these jams. it's no loss, they kinda suck anyway, hence the "fuck no" post)

Let's call this the second entry of this feature, even though you have yet to see the first. FUCK NO is a series of posts that we think are just awful. A lot of the time, it will be a splash of water in the face of the blogosphere and it's readers, who seem to be circle jerking over something not worthy of their cum and really probably isn't honestly getting anyone hard to begin with.

Matt Giordano officially will launch this tomorrow and gets full credit of the idea, dating back to last year with his MGMT post and some other chick who the world has already forgotten. He also named it. So tomorrow, the first FUCK NO post. Today, the 2nd, forced out only because of today's coverage of the track we're posting. Get it?

Okay, first off: the new Weezer record is horrible. Like worse than the last piece of shit, which at least tried to revisit the roots of... the 3rd album. This fully embraces the "Beverly Hills" attitude (or "Raditute"... ugh) in the most awful way possible. Yes, if you shit on top of your shit, that shit then becomes larger, smellier and all together a horrible, horrible shit. No polishing here!

But Rivers Cuomo has been releasing these albums of demos and such from over the years that have been really good and the only form of honesty you're going to get from this mother fucker (enjoy those paychecks ya prick). On the second one, there was a demo of "Can't Stop Partying" that was dark and brooding. In the liners he said that was his intention and that he hoped the band version on the upcoming Weezer album would remain that way. So I held out hope for at least a song. Then it was announced Lil Wayne was guesting on the track. Not a big fan, but whatever. Could be cool.

So here we are. It is not cool. The song became the opposite of what made it great (wonder how many times that has happened over the years) and I think this might be the album to get all us fans who really only loved 2 records and kind of liked the Green Album to give up. We made it really far, further than anyone should. I can't think of any band that I've given this many chances to. Oh well. The only hope at this point is when he is left behind and he makes the great American divorce record but he'll still probably make a pop album to fuck Asian 19-somethings on the rebound.

Enjoy being 30 bro and trying to get 15 year olds to finger bang to this filth. Kids are into awful music, sure, but they're smarter than this.... right?


Huntronik said...

much agreed

Damien O said...

just finished a post about the same thing. didn't go into as much detail with the 15 years olds fingerfucking, but covered the shitty ground that is their career pretty well.