Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You may have missed: "The Hopeful and the Unafraid".

MP3: Jason Anderson - The Hopeful and the Unafraid

NOTE: As the year winds down and we look back at the records we've come into, it's a good time to figure out what may have been missed. This week I will take you there, and over the weekend there will be 2 bonus posts of albums you probably didn't miss, but I'll talk about why I think they rule and maybe open a dialog. Fuck yeah!

You know, I had a grand summer to "The Hopeful and the Unafraid" by Jason Anderson. This vinyl with free cd cemented my admiration for the man and now, come autumn, I am still loving it. 10 stories about life anyone can relate to and it's impossible not to sing along. Rock it loud and if you missed it the first time, check out our "GO TEAM" post from Jason Anderson on the song "This Will Never Be Our Town". Dig in.

"The Hopeful and the Unafraid" is out now from K Records.

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