Tuesday, October 07, 2008


MP3: Dungen - Sätt att se
MP3: Dungen - Minda damer och fasaner

Time and time again, Dungen has delivered golden beauty, crafting masterpieces that slowly create a grand opus: their latest record "4" just may be the biggest and best piece of the puzzle yet.

Putting the guitar down and sitting at the piano, mastermind Gustav Ejstes has changed the name of the game, all without abandoning the psychedelic salt and pepper that made Dungen such a grandiose endeavor to behold. Sometimes things get hip swayingly crunchy or sometimes they become a swirl of strings, floating to the sun and gently falling with the stars. Even when it jams, like the 2 part peek into a kaleidoscope of ideas titled "Samtidigt" that is sprinkled in the near bookends of "4", it manages to not be a turnoff (seriously, jamming is fucking lame, keep it in the practice space people, not in the studio), maybe for the first time in rock history. That alone deserves a blue ribbon, but they bring along many reasons to earn not only one, but many: Dungen's "4" cleans out the entire fair. Fuck yeah!

"4" is out now from Kemado Records.

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David Snusgrop said...

Thanks for this! Dungen is one of the best bands in the world by far.