Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Best Song Ever: Cowboy Song

Thin Lizzy - Cowboy Song

Sigh. I honestly could post almost every Thin Lizzy record ever in this column or even create a "best band ever" just for them, but I just took the needle off of side B of my "Jailbreak" record and this is where my mind is at.

The great thing about Thin Lizzy is you could fill a room up and everybody will find a song that spoke to them on any of their albums: from the heartbroken to the middle class, that one song is yours to cherish as it was written for you. Happy birthday. "Cowboy Song", the track featured here today, appeals to the boy in us men, who grew up loving and wanting to be a cowboy, just like our daddy's. Being grown up sure ain't fun, as our horses are automobiles (or bicycles if you're a badass) and getting into a gun fight at dawn will land you in the slammer. Bummer. But this song makes me feel like a cowboy, as it is written to work both in the historical sense and the modern sense... you see what Phil Lynott did there? You should give this a shot if you're not a Thin Lizzy fan, it is wonderful. It gets soft and it rocks, which gets thrown around a lot but this truly accomplishes the near-impossible feat of sounding like everything. Fuck yeah!

Oh, and to close out, I'd like to challenge the internet: please post high quality, awesome, new or old, LARGE photographs of this band. Seriously, doing a Google image search for this band is depressing. Once you've done this, email us and I will replace this post with your finding and credit you and shit, maybe you'll get some mail too!

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