Monday, November 05, 2007

Becoming the Zookeeper

MP3: Zookeeper - Snow In Berlin

MP3: Zookeeper - Everyone's A DJ

Hot off the heels of a killer ep, Chris Simpson's Zookeeper project returns with the "Becoming All Things" full length, once again out on Bellecitypop.

On the surface, the album could come off as extension of the self titled ep, but if anything it's the result of it's promise. I hate to say it's the most accessible of Simpson's discography, but it's really all I can think of. However, those who have been enjoying his output for countless years will undoubtedly hold on for dear life throughout the Zookeeper journey.

A representation of indie pop at it's finest, "Becoming All Things" has so many songs that stay in your head, that it should most likely remain on the tip of your tongue throughout the seasons until it is time to shout it from your best of 2007 lists.

"Becoming All Things" is released tomorrow, November 5th, on Bellecitypop. Highly recommended.

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