Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins - Party's Over

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from Matt Giordano, whom judging from this post and the subject it had in the email sent to me of "mp3 wank" had a great time at the Pipettes on Monday. Fuck yeah.

Nicole Atkins is that lady from the American Express that you've never heard of, although she'll probably be all over the place soon. Obviously Sony is dropping the dosh in hopes she'll be this decade's Sheryl Crow. She's been opening for The Pipettes and that's where I saw her. The set she and her backing band played provided decent background music for my conversation with my buddy Seb, although it made be feel as though I was at a shopping mall. It's not that the music is bad, it's just bland, uninspired and not at all unique, which is actually worse than bad. I mean, at least you have quite a laugh at bad. If all goes according to plan, she'll be the female James Blunt. Fuck Yeah? More like Fuck Off!

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