Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GO TEAM: Pattern Is Movement

Pattern Is Movement - Right Away

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from a slice of home, Matt Giordano. For those of you whom may have missed it, a couple weeks back we introduced a new feature here called "GO TEAM". Essentially, these posts support our friends who we want to hype, people who were in involved in the song (be it artist, label, friend, studio, etc) or that support my home state of Connecticut. Matt was kind enough to send in his GO TEAM post this morning supporting his main man Hetero Steve , so with many thanks and without further adieu, here you are. Go team.

Pattern is Movement is now Andrew and Chris. Andrew sings like Pavarotti and Chris plays drums like a calculator. Chris is also a recording engineer at Gradwell House, a studio that has recorded some of the bands' whom work with the proprietor of this page, Joey Gantner. Hence, they're part of the team.

Getting to the point, the band has recently finished their third album, with a projected release date around March of 2008. In anticipation, they have just released a seven-inch in Technicolour for the first single, "Right Away", on Hometapes (who is also putting out the record). To put it bluntly, the song fucking slays. The orchestration fully weaves in and around Andrew's vocals, with Chris' beat providing the booty-shaking motivation.

{purchase pattern is movement recordings from hometapes}

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